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The GSW Universal Terminal Server for Windows comes ready with a 10 session free trial of Telnet. For a free trial of more than 10 sessions or SSH, Contact us for instructions.

 Is Reliable and Efficient Data Exchange Important to Your Business or Enterprise?
 GSW Telnet Server for Windows - Unmatched Reliability, Features, Security and Support!   Don't settle for less.

The Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server is a fast, robust, and lightweight telnet server that is excellent with mobile devices in RFID, RF Terminal, Barcode scanners and other data collection and wireless environments. By utilizing telnet the RF Wireless handheld application developer is able to create more generalized applications that will easily work with a variety of manufactures' hardware. In addition to development and maintenance cost savings for application developers, this added flexibility allows customers to utilize existing hardware in heterogeneous environments.

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS Includes: Telnet Server, Session Administrator, and a full suite of Mobile Clients!
SSH and  FIPS 140-2 security is an optional add-on as is our DTIO Engine for increased  session counts and performance.

Schedule your free, no obligation, no risk GSW Telnet Server for Windows demo today! Experience Telnet first hand - the natural connectivity tool for RF Terminals, BarCode Scanners and other data collection devices!

Telnet - the Natural Connectivity tool for RF Terminals, Bar Code Scanners and other Data Collection Devices

The type of data transferred between the  client and server in data collection environments is typically simple text and small graphics. Telnet is the best choice for this type of data, as the protocol is nimble, lightweight, fast and reliable in Windows environments. Learn more about the telnet protocol and why Georgia SoftWork's Telnet Server for Windows is great with   mobile devices. See our  SSH Server upgrade for encrypted data exchange.

Georgia SoftWorks is committed to providing the best Telnet server solutions for the Windows and the RF Wireless market.

 The UTS is an industrial quality Telnet server designed for superior operation in demanding mobile RF Terminal environments such as warehousing, manufacturing, grocery stores and more!

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS is qualified for Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 and 7/8/10/11.


Key Product Features

Power Features

  • Team Services

    Breakthrough collaboration technology 

    Share, Swap, Transfer and Recover Sessions! All initiated from the GSW or 3rd party SSH/Telnet client on the device or workstation, no system administrator intervention required.

  • Automatic Logon

    Accelerate User Logon: No prompting for Username or Password. Safe, no password transmitted across network.

  • Single Sign-on

    Single Sign-on through NTLM and Kerberos

    Certificate Based Logon

    Safe, Fast and Secure based on Users' Digital Certificates

  • True Client Side Printing

    Print to Portable Bar Code Printers

    Pass-through printing

    Print to the most convenient printer.

    Special refresh character (user definable)

  • Event Logging
  • Logon Scripting

    Global, User or IP Address based

    Application automatically launches upon user connection and drops user into the application.

  • Termination Scripting

    Automatically run application upon session termination.

  • Programmatic Interface

    Programmatically take control of Input/output to/from client.

  • Client Identity and Uniqueness

    Knowing the exact identity of the client device connected is useful in many environments and required in others.

  • Special Refresh Character

    User Definable Refresh Character will cause SSH2/Telnet to repaint the screen data. This is useful in environments that may occasionally drop characters such as some RF Terminals.

  • GUI Configuration Tool

    The GSW Configuration Tool allows the use of a intuitive Windows Explorer style graphical user interface to set configuration parameters that reside in the registry in addition to creation of folders, scripts and the creation/modification of UTS environment variables.

Session Administrator

Security Pack

  • Optional connection restrictions
    • Windows User Name
    • User ID and count
    • IP Address and Count
    • Session Count
    • Encryption Type
    • Time of Day
    • Fields in Users Digital Certificate

Emulations / Compatibility

  • Terminal Emulations
    • Dec VT100/220/320/420
    • SCO Console
    • Wyse 50/60
    • IBM 3101, IBM 3151
  • Multi-National Language Support
    • Unicode-UTF-8 Encoding
    • Double-Byte, Traditional and Simplified Chinese support
    • GSW Mobile Clients support Simplified Chinese Font GB

Legacy Pack

  • Full DOS Legacy Support

    The Georgia SoftWorks UTS provides full support for DOS Legacy applications. When you run DOS legacy applications using the GSW UTS it is as if you are running them locally.

Failure / Recover Pack

  • Session Saver

    This feature Saves the SSH2/Telnet Session in the event of a link or client failure and allows users to reconnect to the same session the next time they log in and resume the work in progress, exactly where they left off. Extremely useful when connectivity is across the Internet or with Radio Frequency Barcode / Scanner applications where it is important to continue work in progress even after a connectivity failure. Quickly re-establish the session and resume work in progress after link or client failure.

    Saves Session in the Event of a link or client failure and allows the user to reconnect to the same session the next time they log on and resume work in progress - exactly where they left off

  • Complete Session and NTVDM Cleanup

    Ensures that all SSH2/Telnet sessions are properly terminated, even during abnormal client and link failures.

    Supplicated proprietary algorithm to detect, identify and eliminate "orphaned" NTVDMs directly initiated by applications when using SSH2/Telnet/

  • Server/Client Heartbeat and Inactivity Timer

    Configurable frequency in seconds to poll the 3rd party client for presence.

    GSW Clients send a heartbeat to the server as specified intervals. 

    Optional administrative policy to terminate sessions after a period of inactivity.

  • Graceful Termination

    Upon Abnormal Termination of client, link or remote computer failure, send sequence of characters to application to attempt a graceful termination.

  • Termination Scripts

    Termination scripts are analogous to Logon scripting except it is executed when the SSH2/Telnet session is terminated. Invoked on both normal and abnormal terminations.

  • Termination of Child Processes

    Configurable value that specifies that all child processes started in the session be terminated when the session ends.

Additional Product Features

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Download Universal Terminal Server (UTS) Telnet Server

Name Download
Telnet Server for Windows
64 bit
Version 8.15.0035
Release Notes
Universal Terminal Server (UTS) Telnet Server - Archives
Product Archive Collection


User Manuals

User Manuals Format
UTS User Guide

Overview Docs

Overview Docs Format
GSW and SAPConsole

Flyers - Features/Examples

Flyers - Features/Examples Format
UTS - Vangard Voice AccuSpeechMobile
UTS - Multinational Language Support Unicode - UTF8
UTS - Session Administrator
UTS - Broadcast
Team Services - RECOVER - Example
Team Services - SHARE - Example
Team Services - SWAP - Example
Team Services - TRANSFER - Example
Team Services Highlights
UTS Access Control - Filters and Restrictions
Important Questions about Security
UTS - Automatic Client Upgrade
UTS - Mobile Clients
UTS - Subscription Features and Benefits
UTS - Features Chart

User Helps

User Helps Format
UTS - Client Config w/Vangard Voice AccuSpeechMobile
UTS - Client Side Printing for USB Printers
Passthrough Printing
UTS - Environment Variables
UTS - Registry Variables
UTS - Session Saver Manual Section
UTS - Logon Scripting
UTS - AutoLogon
UTS Registration - Floating License Manual Section
UTS Registration - Software Key - Manual Section
Team Services - RECOVERY
Team Services - TRANSFER
Team Services - SWAP
Team Services - SHARE
Team Services - User Manual Section
Windows Compatibility and System Requirements

Product Support

UTS Support Center
Support Downloads, Configuration Guides, FAQs and more!

If you need additional support:

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Georgia SoftWorks Sales Team

What do our customers say about us?

"We picked GSW to use in our solutions because it is capable of very complex telnet interactions and it is easy to use"
Eric Zou / Hentor Technology, Ltd.

"For us, the Georgia SoftWorks software tested like it was telnet on steroids... I think the biggest advantage of this software is that it's designed specifically for the needs of mobile RF users..."

Perrin / Datavision-Prologix

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