Utilities Provided but Not Supported


- Version : NA

Send email from the UTS (Telnet / SSH Server). A command line tool to send emails from the telnet server (v1.8.4) Blat - Windows NT/95 util to send SMTP mail from the command line tool. Useful for sending mail from telnet servers, automated jobs, CGI scripts etc.

.Zip ( 20.80 KB )


- Version : NA

Flush Utility - Keyboard Buffer Flush

.Zip ( 9.35 KB )


- Version : NA

Utility to retrieve 3rd party answerback. Logon script configuration needed. Please request further instructions via support ticket.

.Zip ( 21.06 KB ) 64 bit .Zip ( 43.28 KB )

HASP Driver for Hardware Key

- Version : NA

Needed if using a hardware key (floating license)

.Zip ( 17.45 MB )

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