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SSH Client for Android

SSH Client and Enterprise Browser for Android

GSW ConnectBot Android SSH client features are optimized for barcode scanning environments such as warehouse management systems (WMS), logistics, manufacturing, production, point of sale (POS), and others.

Free GSW ConnectBot Download

The GSW ConnectBot provides the most secure Terminal Emulation Android SSH client available for commercial and industrial environments.

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Optimize Your Android Work Environment.

Boost Efficiency.

The GSW SSH Client for Android has custom keyboards, session persistence, and automatic logon. This allows your workforce to enter data more efficiently and reduce errors.

Stay Secure.

The GSW ConnectBot uses the strongest SSH algorithms to keep your data and credentials encrypted.

Rapid Deployment.

The system administration for the GSW ConnectBot is easy. Zero-Touch device setup and license management saves significant time by using the Licensing and Deployment Server, free of charge with the GSW SSH Client for Android.

SSH Client Features Include:

  • Run Multiple Android SSH client sessions on a single device at the same time
  • Sessions persist if a user temporarily switches to another Android application
  • Configurable AnswerBack
  • Stay Connected feature
  • Application Lockout for production environments
  • User and Admin modes
  • Configurable Screen size
  • License and Deployment server for large installations
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GSW ConnectBot Android Enterprise Browser

SAP ITS Mobile Enhancements with just 1 tap.

The GSW Enterprise Browser for Android will transform SAP ITSMobile into a user-friendly, visually attractive, responsive screen with multiple skin choices - all with no changes to the SAP backend code.

Javascript & CSS Injection.

Customize the look of existing websites with JavaScript and CSS injection directly from the mobile device without changes to server-side code.

Apache Cordova Support.

Easily access device-level features using Cordova APIs and plugins. Users can control the device scanner and media, access the device file system, and gather information about the battery, network, GPS, and much more.

GSW Enterprise Browser Features Include:

  • SAP ITSMobile Enhancements
  • Javascript & CSS Injection
  • Cordova Plugins
    • Geolocation Tracking
    • Media Capture (Image, Audio, Video)
    • Device Alerts: Alert, Confirm, Prompt, Beep, Vibration
    • File Storage and Transfer: Store files directly on the device or send them to a remote server.
  • No Address Bar - keep users on task.
  • GSW Variables: Android ID, Build Device, Build ID, Android Version, and many more.
  • Battery Status and Alerts.
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GSW LADS - A Lightweight Mobile Device Manager

Introducing GSW LADS.
Licensing and Deployment Server (LADS) for the GSW ConnectBot.

Zero-Touch Device Setup.

With LADS, devices can be set up and configured simply by installing ConnectBot and opening the application.

Custom Keyboards.

Create custom keyboards to optimize efficiency.

Free of Charge.

With GSW ConnectBot, LADS is included at no extra cost.

Georgia SoftWorks LADS -
Designed specifically to save significant time for the system administrator, and enhanced the functionality and management of the Georgia SoftWorks ConnectBot clients.

System Administration Made Easy. Tired of manually configuring hundreds of devices? Easily configure one device, and deploy that configuration to all devices with the touch of a button. Zero-Touch configuration works with thousands of devices (or even only 5). GSW LADS can perform the actions and services that system administrators need to perform regularly which is a significant time-saver.

Keyboards. Ever have trouble typing on a small device with even smaller soft buttons? GSW ConnectBot offers a fully customizable keyboard through LADS. Screen recognition can be used to use specific keyboards for each screen a user could encounter. This means buttons can be pressed faster and with fewer errors increasing efficiency. Keyboards can be swiped between, moved around the screen, colors modified, and opacity changed.

Business Intelligence. Want to monitor work performance and optimization? The Georgia SoftWorks LADS Business Intelligence allows system administrators to see who are the top and bottom-performing workers, as well as monitor battery life and activity across all devices.

Download Georgia SoftWorks ConnectBot Telnet and SSH Client for Android Today!

Telnet Clients and SSH Clients Explained

Telnet Client: A Telnet client is a program that allows you to connect to a Telnet Server. Once a Telnet connection has been started, you enter a username and password for authentication. However, Telnet communication is unencrypted and sends information in plaintext. This means that all data (including usernames and passwords) can be seen by anyone monitoring the network.

SSH Client: A SSH client is a program that allows you to connect to an SSH Server. SSH communication is encrypted and all information sent is safe from any attackers. The server must authenticate that it is the real server (and not a malicious server imitating the real server) the client is connecting to, and the client must confirm its identity. This process is all done with the use of public and private keys.

The GSW ConnectBot is capable of using Telnet and SSH protocols and capable of using the strongest SSH algorithms and Ciphers. Georgia SoftWorks recommends utilizing SSH connections. The number of security breaches increases every day. Even if you are not transmitting sensitive data, modification of your data during transport could be devastating.

Built-in Security Check - To ensure your connection is using up-to-date and safe algorithms and ciphers, GSW ConnectBot allows you to check the algorithms and ciphers being used in your Client/Server configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is GSW ConnectBot?

GSW ConnectBot is a simple to use but powerful Terminal Emulation, Secure Shell (SSH) client, and Enterprise Browser designed for use in demanding industrial environments and tested on a variety of scanner guns and versions of Android. Based on the proven and familiar user interface of the original ConnectBot the GSW ConnectBot is the most cryptographically secure, commercially supported SSH client for Android on par only with the Georgia SoftWorks SSH Clients for Windows.

GSW ConnectBot also includes the GSW Enterprise Browser, capable of meeting all of your browser-based solution needs.

How can I download GSW ConnectBot?

Downloading and setting up GSW ConnectBot is quick and easy. It is available for download here from Georgia SoftWorks. It is also available on the Google Play Store.
Note: GSW LADS must be downloaded from the GSW website. The Google Play store does not allow Windows apps to be downloaded to Android devices.

Is the GSW ConnectBot compatible with all android devices?

GSW ConnectBot has been tested on all Android versions back to Android 4.1 with no compatibility issues. The GSW ConnectBot is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and newer.

Is GSW ConnectBot a Telnet Client or SSH Client or Web Client?

GSW ConnectBot is an Android client that can utilize SSH and Telnet and Web connections. However, SSH is recommended to encrypt all data and ensure that no data is stolen or modified. SSH allows your information to be completely secure even within an unsecured network. The GSW Browser is capable of utilizing HTTP and HTTPS, as well as whitelisting URLs.

Does ConnectBot support Multi-Factor Authentication?

Yes! GSW ConnectBot supports the use of Okta Multi-Factor Authentication.

Terminal Emulation

What Telnet and SSH servers is GSW ConenctBot compatible with?

The GSW ConnectBot works great with all Telnet and SSH Servers. It does work best while connecting to the Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server, or the Georgia SoftWorks SSH Server because it can utilize key features of those products that are unavailable with other servers.

Does GSW ConnectBot use safe encryption algorithms?

The GSW ConnectBot only uses up-to-date, current, and safe algorithms and ciphers. These ciphers have no known security vulnerabilities or weaknesses. This is very important if you are looking for SSH. Not all SSH is the same. Be aware - Many SSH protocol’s on the market use outdated and old ciphers, making the SSH old and outdated, equating to a non-secure, easily hacked SSH. When purchasing SSH, be sure to question the ciphers used and ensure that they are current encryption. The GSW ConnectBot offers the strongest encryption available on the commercial market.

GSW Enterprise Browser

What is GSW Enterprise Browser?

The GSW ConnectBot Enterprise Browser is a fully-featured enterprise browser built directly into GSW ConnectBot. Making GSW ConnectBot the perfect solution if switching from terminal emulation to a web-based solution.

What are SAP ITSMobile Enhancements and Skins?

SAP ITSMobile screens are not ideal for workflow as they were originally designed for much smaller screens with keyboard-based input. The SAP ITSMobile Enhancements are built into the GSW Enterprise Browser and with one toggle button, turn standard ITSMobile screens into an easy-to-use and read user interface.
Skins have been created to change the color scheme of the ITSMobile experience to match company colors, increase usability, or modify the appearance due to personal preference.


What is GSW LADS?

LADS is a Licensing and Deployment server built to increase the efficiency of your workforce. GSW LADS accomplishes this by allowing a system administrator to manage the current licenses, upload device configurations for zero-touch device setup, create custom-built keyboards, manage updates, and provide business intelligence along with screen recognition for custom screens.
All of this functionality is packed into a lightweight program that will increase efficiency for no additional cost.

Should I use GSW LADS?

Generally, we recommend if you have more than 5 devices using GSW ConnectBot, GSW LADS will make setup and administration quicker and easier.
If you have hundreds of devices in your environment, GSW LADS is a must. Utilizing the zero-touch installations and licensing management alone will save numerous hours.


"The main reason that we picked GSW to use in our solutions was that GSW was SAP certified. GSW is very fast and stable"
- Teleservizi - Alberto Bignante

"I suggest the Georgia SoftWorks UTS at every implementation over other alternatives because I’m confident that it will satisfy every customer’s needs (speed, reliability and security), and that any issues will be dealt with rapidly and professionally"
- SAPSTROOM - Belgium

Why Georgia SoftWorks?

Georgia SoftWorks has been developing the Telnet and SSH server for 30 years. We strive to add features that will increase productivity and efficiency while maintaining an easy-to-manage server and clients.
If you need assistance, you can talk to a support specialist at any time. No call centers and no automated support help.

Free GSW ConnectBot Download