Registration Instructions

Quick Tip: Use the GSW Ticket System to submit your register.txt file after filling out the required information. You will then receive a serial number.

Video Tutorial on Registering and Installing GSW Software. Although the video shows registering the GSW Business Tunnel, the procedure for other GSW products (such as the UTS Telnet / SSH Server for Windows) is the same.


What are you Registering?

Universal Terminal Server

  • Trial Version:
  • The fully functional 30 day trial version does not need to be registered to operate. On a system where it has not been previously installed the GSW UTS will run for 30 days with 10 sessions enabled. If you have a special situation you can call or email us and we will work with you.

  • NOTE: SSH and FIPS 140-2 requires a Trial registration to enable the evaluation period.

  • Purchased Version:
  • 1. From the server where the GSW Universal Terminal Server is installed, go to Programs > Georgia SoftWorks UTS > Registration. Enter any required information. Click the "Save to File" button. You may now close the registration window.
  • 2. Go to: to submit a ticket for Registration. Complete necessary fields and attach the file you saved in Step 1.
  • 3. We will then return a serial number for your software. Go to Programs > Georgia SoftWorks UTS > right click on Registration > RUN AS ADMIN. Copy and paste the serial number into the appropriate field in the Registration window and click "Register".
  • Need Details?
  • Purchased Version - Remote Registration:
  • Apply Serial Number via Telnet/SSH using the Remote Registration Utility. Details?
  • Purchased Version with Floating License:
  • 1. Install the Floating License (What is a Floating License)
  • 2. Install the UTS (Telnet/SSH2) Server
  • Need Installation Details?
  • Move to another Machine or the same system that has been rebuilt
  • The UTS Server is licensed on a Per/Server basis. If it is moved to another server it must be un-installed from the original machine

    Complete the normal registration procedure for Purchased Version (see above)

    Provide text indicating that the UTS Server has been un-installed from the original machine and is being moved to a new system

  • Note: If you have the Floating License; Registration is NOT required. Simply follow the same procedure as described above
  • Version Upgrades
  • If you are under a Subscription Plan or i is within 60 days of the purchase of the software then you simply download and install the new copy of the software over the current installation. No new serial number is required.
  • If the above does not apply then the upgrade can be purchased. Call 706.265.1018 or email
  • Are you eligible for a free upgrade?
  • To determine if you are eligible for an upgrade, go to:

  • Start|Programs|Georgia SoftWorks|Registration

  • If you are using a Floating License, Click HW Key...

  • Check the "Free updates until:" field. This is the latest software release date for which you are licensed.

  • If no hardware key is used, from the Registration window, check the "Free updates until:" field.

  • View release notes here

  • Version Upgrade Procedure
    1. Be sure there are no Telnet/SSH connections during the upgrade

    2. Copy the Georgia SoftWorks UTS installation directory and all of its subdirectories to a temporary location

    3. UTS Registry settings may be reset to the defaults. Copy the following registry key:

    4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\GS_Tnet\Parameters

    5. Download the UTS software.

    6. Unzip to a temporary folder

    7. Execute setup.exe

    8. Install over the existing software. No scripts will be over written

    9. Copy over from the backup location any modified configuration files that may have been over-written.

    10. The upgrade is complete.

    11. GSW clients will automatically be upgraded on their next connection.

  • Using a hardware key?

    If a Floating License (hardware key) is being used it may be necessary to also upgrade the hardware key driver. Download and install the drivers compatible with your version of the UTS.

  • GSW Business Tunnel, Rocket Terminal Engine & DTIO Engine

    The Registration Instructions for the GSW Business Tunnel,  Rocket Terminal Engine and DTIO Engine are the same as the UTS except the fully functional trial must be registered.

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