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Some Release Notes

Telnet Server for Windows


Feature/Maintenance Release GSW Universal Terminal Server

GSW UTS - Features

  1. New Automatic Reconnect/Session Saver methods added:AUTO_BY_IP_AND_USER_ALWAYS (same as AUTO_BY_USER_AND_IP_ALWAYS) AUTO_BY_USER_ALWAYS
  2. UTS Configuration tool updated to support AUTO_BY_IP_AND_USER_ALWAYS and AUTO_BY_USER_ALWAYS
  3. UTS Configuration tool updated to support more than 1000 user profiles
  4. UTS setup modified to automatically create a folder containing Georgia SoftWorks mobile client setup program
  5. Documentation improvements and copyright updates
  6. gwtn_inactivity_timeout environment variable if data (keyboard or mouse events) is not received from a client within a specified time then the client session is terminated.
  7. NOTE - this setting does not apply to GSW clients where Client Side Heartbeat is enabled (default setting).
  8. gstn_serverside_heartbeat "User defined Server SideHeartbeat Timer" - when added to the users logon script c_start.bat /k_start.bat. Sets frequency in seconds which to poll the 3rd party client for the presence. If the client is not present then Graceful Termination, if configured, is initiated.

GSW SSH Shield - Features

  1. Report IP addresses associated with failed logon attempts in gsw_sshd.log file
  2. Failed SSH logon data logged for technical support team
  3. Defect Resolutions

GSW UTS and SSH Shield (SSH)

Status: N/A

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