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SSH Server for Windows

SSH Server for Windows

The Georgia SoftWorks SSH Server provides secure remote access to your Windows host on a unsecure network. Secure Shell was desgned as a secure replacement for Telnet and is perfect with Mobile devices offering Secure Remote Logon, Secure Data Exchange and Secure Access to your application on a Non-secure network.

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The fastest, most secure SSH Server for Windows - Designed and developed for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. Simple to install and configure.

Features Include:

  • Updated Cryptographic Algorithms for 2019
  • Complete Confidentially
  • Strongest Authentication Including:
    • Public Key Authentication with IIS like certificate to user account mapping
    • ‘One-to-one’ and ‘Many-to-one”mapping methods with support for certificate trust lists (CTL).
  • Mobile - SSO through NTLM over GSSAPI.
GSW SSH Server for Windows

Trust your installation of the best SSH Server for Windows, to a company that’s been in this business for decades.