The Real Pioneers - Often copied but never equaled!

Great Ideas that Georgia SoftWorks Pioneered in the World of Telnet/SSH2 on Windows!

  • GSW Team Services - Breakthrough Collaboration Technology for Telnet/SSH2
  • GSW UTS Mobile Client Support for Simplified Chinese with font GB
  • GSW GSW Mobile SSH2/Telnet Clients for Windows Mobile/CE.NET 4.2/5.0, PPC 2002/03 class devices
  • Automatic upgrade of GSW Clients from the UTS Server
  • File Transfer - Transfer Files between Server and Client via Telnet/SSH2
  • Session Saver - Reconnect to a session after Link Failure and automatically resume work in progress!
  • Auto Logon - RF Terminals and Telnet/SSH2 clients can quickly connect with minimal prompting
  • Session Shadowing - Interactive Input to other Telnet/SSH2 Sessions!
  • Session Monitoring - Observe Screen Activity on other Telnet/SSH2 Sessions!
  • Execute Commands on the Client from within the Telnet/SSH2 Session!
  • DOSBoss - MS DOS Application Performance Booster
  • TRUE Client Side Printing (Multiple Printers Per Session, Open Print Method, No Client or OS restrictions)
  • Working JAVA Client/Applet
  • MOUSE Support - When using the GSW Telnet/SSH2 clients the Mouse works!
  • Incredible performance algorithms never thought to be possible with Windows Telnet/SSH2
  • Failure Detection and Recovery Methods
  • Special Bell Processing
  • Expired Password Handling
  • Perfect PC emulation where all keys and key combinations are handled
  • Color to Monochrome mapping provided. Very useful for RF Terminals.

Georgia SoftWorks takes Telnet/SSH2 for Windows Serious. We have a philosophy of continuous improvement and we are committed to:

  • Continuing to be the leader in innovation with Telnet/SSH2 servers for Windows
  • Providing the very fastest, most robust and secure terminal Server for Windows
  • Meeting the demands of industrial and commercial applications with a rock solid dependable product.
  • Providing a level of customer support not experienced before with Telnet/SSH2 for Windows

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