System Administrator Tasks – With and Without the GSW Licensing and Deployment Server

The Georgia Softworks Licensing and Deployment Server (LADS) will be an important asset to your business if you are managing multiple devices and software licenses for your SSH/Telnet Client for Android.

The GSW Licensing and Deployment Server is a lightweight, mobile device manager. It is an easy-to-use software tool, will save significant time for the system administrator, and enhances the functionality and management of the Georgia SoftWorks ConnectBot clients.

Let’s look at several examples of basic tasks, and compare what the process looks like without the GSW LADS, and with the GSW LADS.

Task: The system administrator wants to set up configurations on 150 devices. Regular Process: The System Administrator spends 5-10 minutes on each device, setting up each and every configuration. Total time: 1,500 minutes or 25 hours. Process with the GSW LADS: The system administrator sets up configurations on 1 device. Then, uploads that configuration to LADS, then downloads them from LADS to all the devices. Total time: 20-30 minutes.

Task: The system administrator needs to manage licensing on 150 devices. Regular Process: The system administrator needs to use each device individually to manage and input the licensing information. Process with the GSW LADS: The system administrator can load licenses onto LADS for easy distribution and recovery.

Task: A device user needs to show the system administrator what they are seeing on their device. Regular Process 1: The device user can stop their work, leave the warehouse, go to the system administrator’s office, and show them what is on their screen. Or they can call the system administrator, and have them come to the warehouse to view the screen. Regular Process 2:The device user can take a screenshot of their device, then go to an empty computer. They can upload the screenshot to the computer, and then email it to their system administrator. Process with the GSW LADS:The device user uses the Rapid-2 Tap Screenshot function, and the screenshots immediately upload to the server. The device user continues work and never has to get off his forklift or stop working.

As you can see, the GSW LADS enhances and increases the functionality of an SSH/Telnet Client for Android, both for the device users and the system administrator.

Even if your company only has a handful of devices to manage, the GSW LADS will do the actions and services that most system administrators need to do on a regular basis, but on a mass deployment setting. The GSW LADS will make management of the devices easy and efficient.

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Posted in How To's and Helpful Information, Product Showcase on Mar 10, 2021

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