Q&A with SCG Professional Consulting - A New GSW Reseller

Q & A with SCG Professional Consulting

SCG Professional Consulting is an consultation company located in Mexico. They help businesses with their mobile connectivity needs, focusing on the most robust applications on the market. They have the experience to offer businesses the ideal products, from the study of feasibility of their current systems to the implementation, while servicing all of their products.

SCG is now an authorized reseller of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows.

GSW: In what industries are you using the Georgia SoftWorks software?

SCG: Manufacturing, transportation and logistics, warehouse management and healthcare.

GSW: How does GSW fit into the solutions you provide?

SCG: It is the perfect harmony between client application servers, SAP and any Telnet service. Ideal for mobile applications, where it requires a thin client to run in optimal conditions.

GSW:Why did you pick GSW to use in your solutions?

SCG: We have found that GSW is the perfect tool for applications running on the Telnet platform.

GSW: Is there any particular feature of GSW software that stands out?

SCG: The easy compatibility with SAP, and proved applications currently running.

GSW: What is the typical installation of the GSW software? SCG:Typically connecting mobile devices of any brand, through SAP console and Telnet sessions to the applications required.

“At SCG, we have created a new company with the technology to customers with connectivity needs to mobile platforms, which offers full and complete integration to SAP. Our experience in Georgia SoftWorks connectivity with SAP consoles has been helping our clients to implement their mobile solutions without setbacks, allowing the use of applications based on our Telnet Server, with connectivity RF from and to SAP.” – SCG Professional Consulting.

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

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