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Universal Terminal Server (UTS) Telnet Server - Overview / Features 
You are viewing GSW UTS - Overview    
Breakthrough Feature - Team Services All Initiated from the Device, No System Administrator Intervention required!

GSW SSH Server - RF Mobile Device Team collaboration

GSW - Team Members - Secure Shell Mobile Device session management

GSW - Helping - Secure Shell Mobile Device session management

GSW - Team Members - Secure Shell Mobile Device session management

GSW - Transfer Session - Secure Shell Server RF Mobile Device

GSW - Transfer Session - under 60 seconds

GSW - Transfer Session - Continue where you left off

GSW - Transfer Session - No System Administrator Intervention Required

GSW - Transfer Session - Takes less than 60 seconds

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session - RF Device 1

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session RF Device 2

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session both RF mobile devices

GSW - Swap Devices - and keep your RF Mobile Device Session

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session, continue where you left off

GSW - Swap Devices - control from the client, no system administer intervention required

GSW - Swap Devices - Swap in less than 60 seconds

GSW - Share Devices - Two devices share an individual SSH session

GSW - Share Devices - Two devices share an individual Telnet session

GSW - Share Devices - Two devices share an individual secure shell session

GSW - Share Devices - Output from the server is displayed on both devices

GSW - Share Devices - Truck mount and mobile device

GSW - Share Devices - use for quality assurance, shadowing, monitoring,etc.

GSW - Share Devices - Initiate from client device, no system administrator intervention required

GSW - Share Devices - Takes less than 60 seconds

GSW - Recover Dropped Sessions on RF Devices

GSW - Recover dropped sessions on RF Devices - damaged device

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions from a RF Scanner

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions even to another device

GSW - Recover - Session Dead Battery, broken device, network failure etc.

GSW - Recover Use Team Services Recover

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions - No System Administrator intervention required

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions takes less than 60 seconds

Team Services - SSH Server previous
Team Services - SSH Server pause
Team Services - SSH Server resume
Team Services - SSH Server next
SHARE RF SCANNER MOBILE DEVICE SESSIONS SHARE Use Two devices  with an individual session Universal Terminal Server for Windows is great in WMS environments.

Team Members Helping Team Members

Universal Terminal Server Team Services: Share, Swap, Transfer and Recover your Telnet Session.
SWAP RF SCANNER MOBILE DEVICE SESSIONS   SWAP Swap Devices with a team member and keep your original sessions
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Innovation - Major

TEAM SERVICES  provides your mobile device users a breakthrough in Telnet/SSH2 technology that shatters all prior usability and efficiency standards by allowing unprecedented user collaboration.  Now mobile device users are empowered to share resources, transfer, swap, share and recover dropped sessions. All from the mobile device, no system administrator necessary. All operations can be performed in under 60 seconds.

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 Georgia SoftWorks UTS - Telnet Server for Windows

Universal Terminal Server Overview - Features

Is Reliable and Efficient Data Exchange Important to Your Business or Enterprise?
GSW Telnet Server for Windows - Unmatched Reliability, Features, Security and Support! Don't settle for less.

The Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server is a fast, robust, and lightweight telnet server that is excellent with mobile devices in RFID, RF Terminal, Barcode scanners and other data collection and wireless environments. By utilizing telnet the RF Wireless handheld application developer is able to create more generalized applications that will easily work with a variety of manufactures' hardware. In addition to development and maintenance cost savings for application developers, this added flexibility allows customers to utilize existing hardware in heterogeneous environments.

 The Georgia SoftWorks UTS Includes: Telnet Server, Session Administrator, and a full suite of Mobile Clients!
 SSH and FIPS 140-2 security is an optional add-on as is our DTIO Engine for increased session counts and performance.

     NOTE: GSW UTS Server product feature summary menu is on left and the Product datasheet below, with links

Telnet - the Natural Connectivity tool for RF Terminals, Bar Code Scanners and other Data Collection Devices

The type of data transferred between the client and server in data collection environments is typically simple text and small graphics. Telnet is the best choice for this type of data, as the protocol is nimble, lightweight, fast and reliable in Windows environments. Learn more about the telnet protocol and why Georgia SoftWork's Telnet Server for Windows is great with mobile devices. See our SSH Server upgrade for encrypted data exchange.

Georgia SoftWorks is committed to providing the best Telnet server solutions for the Windows and the RF Wireless market.

 The UTS is an industrial quality Telnet server designed for superior operation in demanding mobile RF Terminal environments such as warehousing, manufacturing, grocery stores and more!

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS is qualified for Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 and 7/8/10.

Download the GSW Telnet Server for Windows

Download the UTS  

Try the Georgia Softworks UTS free for 30 days!

The GSW Universal Terminal Server for Windows comes ready with a 10 session free trial of Telnet. For a free trial of more than 10 sessions or SSH,
Contact us for instructions.


View UTS Features in PDF format:

View this UTS Features in PDF format

Power Features Applications Session Administrator

Share, Swap, Transfer and Recover Sessions! All initiated from the GSW or 3rd party SSH/Telnet client on the device or workstation, no system administrator intervention required.

Accelerate User Logon: No prompting for Username or Password. Safe, no password transmitted across network.

Safe, Fast and Secure based on Users' Digital Certificates

Print to Portable Bar Code Printers

Pass-through printing

Print to the most convenient printer.

Special refresh character (user definable)

Application automatically launches upon user connection and drops user into the application.

Automatically run application upon session termination.

Programmatically take control of Input/output to/from client.

  • Optimized interface with GSW Rocket Terminal Engine and RF DTIO Engine

Legacy Applications




RF Devices

and more!

Identify an active user session to monitor and observe dynamic screen activity exactly as it appears to the user

Monitoring with the added capability of interactive input!

Take control of a session from the convenience of your workstation

Continue work in progress from a suspended session

On Demand Broadcast

Scheduled Broadcast

  • Obtain Session Status Information

Use for manual or programmatic execution of GS_Admin features

Security Pack Industries Emulations / Compatibility

Version strong Login and Data Stream Encryption

(AES-256, 3DES, Blowfish and others)

Secure Remote Login, Secure data exchange

Secure Access to Application

  • User Name / Password
  • Public Key Authentication with IIS style certificate to user account mapping support
  • Kerberos over GSSAPI Authentication 'gssapi-with-mic'
  • NTLM over GSSAPI Authentication  'gssapi-with-mic'
  • 'x509v3-sign-rsa' and 'x509v3-sign-dss' public key authentication with certificate to user account mapping.
  • Both 'One-to-one' and 'Many-to-one' certificate mapping models supported.
  • Integration with Microsoft Certificate Stores
  • Windows User Name
  • User ID and count
  • IP Address and Count
  • Session Count
  • Encryption Type
  • Time of Day
  • Fields in Users Digital Certificate
  • Restrict User to an Application

When user exits application, the session disconnects

  • Integrated with Windows 7/8/Vista/2008/2012, NT/XP/2000/2003 Security

  • Encrypted Logon and data stream, 128 bit encryption available on Telnet













  • Dec VT100/220/320/420
  • SCO Console
  • Wyse 50/60
  • IBM 3101, IBM 3151
  • Unicode-UTF-8 Encoding
  • Double-Byte, Traditional and Simplified Chinese support
  • GSW Mobile Clients support Simplified Chinese Font GB
  • Configurable Screen Size

Automatically change screen size when application launches

  • Color Re-Mapping

Modify application colors without changing any source code

  • Character Display Translation

Automatically translate a character to another character

Automatically translate a character to a string of characters

Automatically translate a character to a string of characters

Added for Windows PowerShell and other custom shells

  • Telnet - RFC 854 Compliant.

Works with 3rd party clients such as Windows Telnet,  Putty, and more!

  • SSH 2

Works with 3rd party SSH2 clients such as Putty, SmarTTY, Juice and more!

  • FIPS 140-2

Works with 3rd party FIPS 140-2 compliant clients

  • VM Compatibility

Works with VMWare

Microsoft ESX

  • IP Addressing

Support for both IPv6 and/or IPv4

Host specification by Symbolic Name or IP Address

ISATAP Addresses Supported

Legacy Pack Utility Pack

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS provides full support for DOS Legacy applications. When you run DOS legacy applications using the GSW UTS it is as if you are running them locally.

When using the GSW SSH2/Telnet clients the Mouse works as expected. This is true for the stylus on mobile devices too. WOW

Full range of DOS character mode colors are fully supported. This includes all 256 possible background/foreground color combinations as well as all characters in the original IBM PC character set..

When using GSW clients, the function keys work as expected. When using 3rd party clients the function keys are supported as per the emulation specified.  All character codes between 0x00 and 0xFF are supported and displayed properly when using the GSW SSH2/Telnet clients and conforming third party emulations.

Even thought applications take advantage of the "Alt" key, many keyboards and terminal emulations do not support the "Alt" key.  GSW UTS allows the "Alt" key sequence to be transmitted to an application by providing a substitute key sequence.

GSW UTS allows configuration of the behavior for <control-c> There are different expectations for the behavior when control-c is depressed. The GSW UTS allows configuration of the behavior by setting an environment variable in a logon script. This can be defined on a global, per user or per IP Address basis

Screen sizes other than 25x80 are supported. This is and important feature for mobile devices which have a wide range of sizes. By placing the "mode con" command in a GSW logon script, the screen size will adjust automatically when the user logs in". This can be defined on a global, per user or per IP Address basis.

High Jump



Vangard Voice

No need for an FTP server to be installed and you are not limited by file sizes as with many email attachments. If using a secure connection (SSH2) then the file transfer is secure.

A customer banner can be displayed to the client upon connection to the host.

When upgrading to a new version or permanently activating a trial version.

GSW SSH2/Telnet server can intercept a special character written to the application's screen and send a bell character to the terminal. The number of times that the bell will sound is configurable.

Gswbell supports correct bell operation even after a Session Saver reconnect

Use an different port (other than port 23) for telnet

Up to 100 Telnet Ports. Access port number associated with your session

  • TTY Name - Create a tty name on a per session basis

Powerful utility that facilitates client side processing of server side files. Provides the capability to execute commands on the client complete white in the SSH2/Telnet session.

Launch GUI application on the server's desktop from a SSH2/Telnet session using the gs_gui.exe and gs_engui.exe utilities.

In some instances the system administrator may want to eliminate prompting for a domain when the user is connecting to the SSH2/Telnet server.

Enable scroll bars on the Windows client. No scroll bars option for Windows CE .NET 4.2/5.0+ clients

Failure/Recover Pack GSW Super Clients Pack - No Extra Cost  - BIG SAVINGS!

This is one area that separates the tools from the toys. Commercial environments require that remote link, PC and client failures be detected and handled as to not impact other users.  Due to the many ways failures can manifest, multiple failure detection and recovery technologies are required. Once a failure is detected then the objective is the fastest possible recovery so work can be continued exactly at the same point where the failure occurred. If recovery is not possible then the session should be gracefully shutdown as do there is not data lose and resources can be retuned for others to users

This feature Saves the SSH2/Telnet Session in the event of a link or client failure and allows users to reconnect to the same session the next time they log in and resume the work in progress, exactly where they left off. Extremely useful when connectivity is across the Internet or with Radio Frequency Barcode / Scanner applications where it is important to continue work in progress even after a connectivity failure. Quickly re-establish the session and resume work in progress after link or client failure.

  • GSW desktop clients

Perfect PC Emulation for Windows 7/8/Vista/2008/2012, 98/NT/XP/2000/2003

  • GSW clients for Mobile Devices

Windows Mobile, Pocket PC 2003 and devices using Windows CE .NET 4.2+ including Intermec CK30/CK31, LXE MX3X, Psion-Teklogix 7535, 8525, Symbol MC9060G

  • GSW client provides these capabilities:

Files Transfers, Encryption, Automatically Upgrade client to march UTS Server version, Execute Commands on Client from within SSH2/Telnet, Mouse Support, Enhanced Client Side printing, Automatic Logon and much more!

Voice Made Easy.Vangard Voice Systems is the innovator provider of AccuSpeechMobile a completely mobile, simplified "server-less" software solution. It increases mobile workforce productivity by easily voice-upgrading existing SCM mobile application with complete voice-directed data collection access, and navigation controls.

Performance Pack

Sets frequency in seconds to poll 3rd party clients, checking for presence.

GSW Clients send a heartbeat to the server as specified intervals. 

Optional administrative policy to terminate sessions after a period of inactivity.

Upon Abnormal Termination of client, link or remote computer failure, send sequence of characters to application to attempt a graceful termination.

  • Highly optimized source code developed with modern tools on Windows

  • Developed specifically for Windows on Windows - not a quick 'port'

  • Compression for slow link speeds

  • DOSBoss MSDOS Application Performance Booster

  • Automatic Logon - Autologon


Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server Deployment Options



SSH2 w/FIPS 140-2 Compliant Option

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