Q&A with the Developers of the GSW ConnectBot

Question: I have lots of questions about the Georgia SoftWorks ConnectBot, but first can you tell me a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Georgia SoftWorks: Sure! We started out in the 1980s as a software development company specializing in data communications. In the 1990s, our software development team saw the need for reliable telnet connectivity solutions on windows operating system. That led to the development of our robust Telnet Server for Windows and SSH encrypted Server for Windows. Plus the Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server. From there, Georgia SoftWorks developed several additional software applications, such as an SSH Tunnel, a FIPS-140 compliant SSH Server, and most recently our GSW ConnectBot.

Question: What is the Georgia SoftWorks ConnectBot?

Georgia SoftWorks: The GSW ConnectBot is a simple to use but powerful commercial grade SSH Client for Android. It’s the most cryptographically secure, commercially supported Telnet/SSH Client for Android.

Question: What was the idea behind the GSW ConnectBot?

Georgia SoftWorks:The GSW ConnectBot is based on the original ConnectBot, the most popular and proven (over 1 million downloads) Telnet/SSH Client for Android. We were impressed with the original ConnectBot, yet it was missing features that decades of experience had shown were required in commercial and industrial environments. The original ConnectBot is open source, and we decided to make it commercial grade. We kept the familiar user interface while adding industrial features and robustness.

Question: As you developed the GSW ConnectBot, did you have a specific industry in mind?

Georgia SoftWorks: Production environments need robust features, performance and reliability to support their operations. The GSW ConnectBot was specifically designed for demanding commercial and industrial environments. Coupled with world class security and supported by a full team of skillful technicians, GSW ConnectBot is a top-notch connectivity tool that you can trust to get the job done within a serious production environment.

Question: World class security? Can you elaborate?

Georgia SoftWorks: Security is obviously the most important aspect of SSH. But, not all SSH products are the same. Many SSH products on the market use algorithms that are outdated, deprecated or compromised. When SSH first came out, it had state-of-the-art algorithms. Advancements in mathematics and computing power continually orces the deprecation of existing security algorithms and ciphers. It is vital to use current, peer reviewed algorithms and ciphers to ensure data security. The Georgia SoftWorks team continually updates our algorithms and products so that our software users never have to worry about using compromised security components. As such, the GSW ConnectBot is the most cryptographically secure commercially supported SSH client for Android, on par only with the GSW SSH Clients for Windows.

Question: Didn’t you also recently launch a mobile device manager for the GSW ConnectBot?

Georgia SoftWorks: Yes, we have the GSW Licensing and Deployment Server (LADS). It is a lightweight mobile device manager. If you have multiple devices to manage on the GSW ConnectBot, LADS will be a significant time saver. While the setting up and system administration of the Telnet and SSH is simple and easy to use, LADS enhances the functionality and management of the clients. It easily allows the administrator to manage licensing (you can load licenses onto LADS for distribution), upload and download configurations, rapid 2-tap screenshots upload to server, manage and install updates to the client software, custom keyboards, public key import/export, private key import/export, business intelligence and screen recognition, zero touch push configurations to multiple devices, and more. It makes management of multiple devices a breeze.

Question: What other features does the GSW ConnectBot offer?

Georgia SoftWorks:The GSW ConnectBot is a feature rich client – full of features that both the system administrator and the warehouse users will appreciate and find easy to navigate. For example, it takes advantage of any keyboard that is available from the Playstore, such as the Hackers keyboard. You can also modify any of the keyboards manually. You can upload screenshots to the server, you can run multiple SSH sessions at the same time…and to get from one to another, all you do is swipe. We’ve seen other SSH clients where the path to go from session to session is a 5-6 click process. With the GSW ConnectBot, all you do is swipe. The GSW ConnectBot has configurable answerback, configurable screensize, Stay Connected features, its compatible with a wide variety of hosts such as Windows, Unix, Ubuntu, Mac, etc.

Question: Where can we learn more about the GSW ConnectBot?

Georgia SoftWorks: There are lots of ways to learn more about it! We offer free demos, you can sign up for those on our website on the GSW ConnectBot product page. You can also do a free 30-day trial of the software. We encourage you to check out the website, browse around, download a free trial, and then schedule a demo so we can show you how to make the most of your GSW ConnectBot!

Posted in Interviews, Questions and Answers on Oct 02, 2020

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