7 Questions about the GSW SSH Server for Windows

7 Questions about the GSW SSH Server for Windows

1.What is an SSH Server? A Secure Shell (SSH) Server is a cryptographic network protocol for operating services securely over an unsecured network.

2. Why the GSW SSH Server? The GSW SSH Server for Windows was designed and developed for the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. It will keep your information secure, simply. It is based on the robust and reliable Universal Terminal Server and provides secure remote access to your Windows host. With the GSW SSH Server you get complete End-to-End security. It provides the strongest authentication features available, the strongest SSH Encryption and is easy to install. It has been TIME TESTED and is proven to be reliable. It has been deployed in demanding applications, including automobile manufacturers, oil companies, airlines, pharmaceutical industries, medical practices, universities, research labs, department stores, food and beverage processing, grocery stores, aircraft carriers, the US Army, NASA and many more! If you have a mission critical application where you need an industrial quality SSH Server solution for Windows, then you want the GSW SSH Server.

3.How strong is the SSH Encryption? If you have a mission critical application where you need a industrial quality secure SSH Server solution for Windows then the GSW SSH ServerThe GSW Secure Shell Server provides secure “End-to-End” encryption. There is NO clear text! There is no clear text username and passwords transmitted, no clear text application data transmitted, all the data is encrypted using the strongest encryption available, and all data is encrypted before leaving the client or leaving the server.

4.What features come with the GSW SSH Server? The GSW SSH Server offers Secure Remote Logon, Secure Data Exchange, Secure Network Services, and Secure access to your application over an insecure network. When using the GSW UTS, users benefit from the Performance Pack, Power Features Pack, Security Pack, Legacy Pack, Failure Detection/Recovery Pack, Compatibility Pack and Emulation Pack.

5.Is it a complicated install process? No! While offering the strongest authentication features available, the GSW SSH Server minimizes complex installation issues. You will have the GSW SSH Server up and running faster than you ever thought possible, without sacrificing the quality or strength of encryption.

6. What kind of devices and programs does the GSW SSH Server work with? You can use the GSW SSH Server with a variety of applications. RF Devices, Barcode Scanners, Application Server Programs (such as SAPconsole), Legacy Applications, System Administration and more! DEC and many other Emulations are supported. It also works with SSH comliant third party clients such as Juice, Putty, SmarTTY and more, and on applications like LXE, SYMBOL, INTERMEC, TEKLOGIX, TELXON.

7.Can I get a free trial? Yes! Download it here.

Or contact the GSW Support Team here.

Posted on Sep 15, 2016

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