1 Year Ago – The GSW SSH Client for Android at Modex 2020

One year ago, in March 2020, the Georgia SoftWorks team headed to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta Georgia to exhibit our new GSW ConnectBot and our Licensing and Deployment Server.

It was an exciting time – it was our first large-scale, live opportunity to offer mass demos of the GSW ConnectBot (SSH Client for Android) and show off the all-new Licensing and Deployment Server.

Modex is the leading trade show for manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution industries presented by MHI at the Georgia World Congress Center. Usually, over 30,000 people attend Modex. Last year, attendance was a little lower due to the whispers of COVID-19 that were starting to come to the United States.

However, the interest in the GSW ConnectBot (Our SSH/Telnet Client for Android) and the Licensing and Deployment Server (LADS) was exceptional. Demo’s were booked up for most of the days. People were very impressed with the Licensing and Deployment Server and how much time it will save for the system administrator.

We put a lot of time and effort into designing and developing our products to be the best on the market, so after all the hard work, it was great to see such a great reception and appreciation for the new products.

We were also able to see and enjoy time with several of our long-term resellers and end-users.

Georgia SoftWorks will be at Modex 2022! Mark your calendar, we’d love to see you there!

Product Highlights During Modex 2020:

The GSW ConnectBot: Based on the proven and familiar user interface of the original ConnectBot, the GSW ConnectBot is the most cryptographically secure, commercially supported SSH Client for Android….on par only with the Georgia SoftWorks SSH Clients for Windows. GSW ConnectBot Android SSH client features are optimized for the barcode scanning environments such a warehouse management systems (WMS), logistics, manufacturing, production, point of sale (POS) and others. The GSW ConnectBot shines because the GSW team watches current literature and discussions of the latest cryptography to keep their software constantly updated to ensure that their customers are not using a cryptographic algorithm that has a recently found vulnerability or weakness.

The Georgia SoftWorks Licensing and Deployment Server (LADS):

If you have multiple devices to manage on your GSW ConnectBot (SSH/Telnet Client for Android), the GSW Licensing and Deployment Server (LADS) is a vital piece of software. LADS is an easy to use software tool that is a big time saver for the system administrator. What does the Licensing and Deployment Server do? LADS enhances the functionality and management of the GSW ConnectBot clients. It is a lightweight mobile device manager. It allows the system administrator to:

  • Manage Licensing – Licenses are loaded onto LADS for distribution and recovery
  • Upload and download configurations from GSW ConnectBot powered devices – Configure one device, upload the configuration to LADS, and then download to as many similar devices as you wish
  • Upload Screenshots to the server for review
  • Manage and install updates to the client software
  • Keyboard mapping
  • Public Key Import/Export
  • Private Key Import/Export

It will do the actions and services that most system administrators will need to do on a regular basis. If you are managing a few hundred or so devices (or even 15!), the GSW Licensing and Deployment Server will make management of the devices easy and efficient.

Posted in Product Showcase, What's Happening on Mar 24, 2021

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