SSH Server Mapping Tool and Configure Many to OneSSH Server Install CA Root Certificate

Mapping Many to One

This is a walk through example for mapping multiple certificates to an individual user account.


Step 1

Logon as an administrator to the computer running GSW UTS SSH2 Server (SSH Shield).
Open the GSW Certificate Mapping Tool.
START|All Programs| Georgia SoftWorks UTS|Certificate Mapping Tool

Step 2

The GSW SSH Shield Certificate Mapping Tool opens as shown below

  1. Click on Many-to-1
  2. Check "Enable Many-to-1 Client Certificate Matching"
  3. Click "Add"

Step 3

The Dialog below opens.

  1. Check on "Enable this wildcard rule."
  2. Provide a description (this is only for display purposes)
  3. Click "Next"
  4. The dialog below opens. Click "New".

Step 4

The Dialog below opens.

  1. Create a rule
    For example: "Subject's "Common Name" "Includes" "RFuser" 
  2. Click "OK", "Next"

Step 5

The Dialog below opens.

  1. Click on "Accept this certificate"
  2. Provide the RFuser's account credentials

Step 6

  1. Click "Finish"
  2. Click "Apply", the dialog below opens
  3. Click Yes.
    Note 1: This will disconnect all existing sessions.
    Note 2: If you are configuring multiple sets of Many-to-One mappings, only click "Yes" after after your last set to avoid sessions being disconnected more than necessary.
  4. Click "OK"

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