SSH Server Export User Certificate to PFX File

Export User's Certificate to PFX File

The objective in this step is to Export the Certificate to a PFX file.

  1. On the UTS, Open Internet Explorer,
  2. Select Tools from the Menu
  3. Select Internet Options from the Menu
  4. Select the Content tab
  5. Click on the Certificates button
  6. Select the Personal tab
  7. Select the RF user's certificate, and then  Export the private key using the wizard


  On the UTS Server open Internet Explorer
  1. On the UTS Server Open Internet Explorer and select the menu Item Tools | Internet Options | Content
    The screen below is displayed.
    Click on the Certificate button

  1. The screen below is displayed.
    Select the Personal tab
    Select the RF user's certificate
    Click on Export

  1. The Certificate Export Wizard opens

    Click Next


  1. The next screen is shown below.
    Click "Yes, export the private key,"
    Click Next

  1. Next the Export File Format screen is displayed
    Select "Personal Information Exchange,"
    Select "Include all certificates in the certificate path is possible,"
    Click Next

  1. The Certificate Export - Password screen is displayed
    Supply a password for this PFX file
    Click Next

  1. Click Browse and provide a folder and file name for this PFX file.
    Leave the filename extension PFX.
    Click "Save,""Next,""Finish,'"OK,""Close,'"OK"
    Close Internet Explorer

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