SSH Server Create User Certificates to use for Logon

 Create a 'User' Certificate


We continue our example using Microsoft Certificate Services

  1. From the UTS Server, logon to the CA Server using a RF Users Windows Account
  2. Request a Certificate
  3. Install the Certificate


Step 1
Logon as an administrator to the computer running GSW UTS SSH2 Server (SSH Shield).
On the UTS Server open Internet Explorer.
  1. In the address bar type the CA Server IP address /certsrv.
    In our example it is
    You should get a logon prompt as shown below.
    Note: Logon an RF User's Windows account.

Step 2
  1. The screen below is displayed after you are logged on.
    Click "Request a certificate,"

  1. Next select the "User Certificate" certificate type.


  1. Click "Yes" to any ActiveX messages and web access messages.

Step 3
  1. Next click "Install this certificate"
    (This may take a few moments)

  1. The Certificate is now installed and you will see the screen below.

  1. On the UTS Server Open Internet Explorer and select the menu Item Tools | Internet Options | Content | Certificates
    You should now see the certificate that was created and installed.

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