SSH Server Copy PFX File to Mobile Device

Copy PFX file to mobile devcie

The objective in this step is to install the client certificate and its associated private key into the personal certificate store on the mobile device.

  1. Use GSW RC MDMS (Remote Control Mobile Device Monitoring Suite) or ActiveSync to transfer tiles to the device.
  2. Launch p12imprt.exe.
  3. Select PFX file.
  4. Supply password and import the certificate.



Step 1
Transfer file to device
  1. Use GSW RC MDMS (Remote Control Mobile Device Monitoring Suite) to transfer the file to the device.

Step 2
  1. On the mobile device browse to and launch p12imprt.exe.
    NOTE: You must use the GSW version of the p12imprt.exe and not the other publically available versions.
    Download zipped executable here. Download zipped open source here.
    NOTE: Windows Mobile 6+ has built in pfx import capabilities. If you use that feature, then TAP the pfx file and follow the operating system prompts and skip the remaining steps on this page.

Step 3
Browse to and select the personal certificate (PFX file).
  1. Use the Browse button to locate and select the pfx file transferred in step 1.

Step 4
Supply the password and click Import Certificate.
  1. Enter the password created during the exporting the certificate to a pfx file.
    Click Import.

  1. The Root Certificate Store dialog below is displayed.
    Click "Yes".

  1. The Certificates Imported Dialog is displayed.
    Click OK.

  1. Using the drop down you can view the Trusted Authorities.
    Click OK.

  1. Using the drop-down you can select My Certificates and view your personal digital certificates.
    Click OK.

   PFX file copied to mobile device.

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