SSH - Configure GSW Client for Certificate Logon

Configure GSW Client for Certificate Logon

The objective in this step is to use the Public (Cert) login and select a certificate from the 'Personal' store on the device.

  1. Verify correct version of GSW Client
  2. Enable Public Key Logon
  3. Select User Certificate

Note: The screen shots are for Windows CE clients. Windows Mobile has different but analogous screens.


Step 1
On the GSW Client
  1. Go to "Help," "About"
    The version needs to be 8.02.0039+

   Verified: GSW Client is running correct version
Step 2
Enable Public Key (cert) Logon.
Go to "Session,""Settings,""Security Tab".
Check Public Key (Cert) logon.
Click on "Configure"

   Public key (Cert) logon selected
Step 3
Select the User Certificate from the list
  1. When the Configure is selected the Select Certificate dialog opens
    Select the User Certificate
    Click OK and then OK
    Go to File | Save to save your settings

   User Certificate Selected

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