Who is Georgia SoftWorks?

Georgia SoftWorks was founded in 1991 as a custom software development company. Georgia SoftWorks (GSW) has filled a void in the commercial and industrial market with their fast and reliable Telnet Server for Windows. GSW designed the Telnet foundation where features are easily added, maintenance is minimal, and performance spectacular. The GSW SSH Server can be added for security, and GSW even offers a FIPS 140-2 compliant SSH Server and Client for those with the most demanding security requirements.

The Georgia SoftWorks products were designed specifically with commercial and industrial markets in mind. Commercial and industrial environments require, reliability, consistency, robustness, performance and features well beyond the needs of occasional Telnet/SSH Server Users, such as:

  • Reliability: It must operate correctly
  • Consistency:It must operate the same way every time. No Surprises.
  • Robustness: Not only does it handle normal situations, but it must handle “of the ordinary” conditions without crashing or causing other problems.
  • Performance: It must be fast, with excellent features.

More recently, as the market has shifted towards Android operating systems, GSW developed the GSW ConnectBot, an SSH/Telnet Client for Android. The GSW ConnectBot is the most cryptographically secure, commercially supported SSH Client for Android available. If users have multiple devices to manage, the GSW LADS (Licensing and Deployment Server) is a free, lightweight mobile device manager for the GSW ConnectBot.

The Georgia SoftWorks’ products are used in almost every industry across the globe – including airlines, government, education, warehousing, automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, and more.

Since the beginning, Georgia SoftWorks has been committed to its customers and committed to developing the best connectivity software on the market. Innovation based on user feedback has led to many features and breakthroughs with the GSW software. Georgia SoftWorks cares about their customers and understands that many people need custom development to satisfy their very targeted objectives. GSW constantly innovates and improves products to fit customers specific needs. GSW is open to a plethora of ideas ranging from custom development to providing personalization packages to help secure businesses and take Telnet/SSH to un-imaginable levels.

Posted in What's Happening on May 05, 2021

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