When Security Matters to your Data Transfer – SSH and Telnet

Georgia SoftWorks offers lightening-fast, industrial Telnet Server for Windows. They are the go-to company for reliable and robust data exchange. Their Telnet Server is designed for superior operation in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments.

But what about when security matters in your data transfer? Georgia SoftWorks has you covered there, too. Their SSH Server is the fastest, most secure SSH Server for Windows on the market. The GSW SSH Server for Windows provides remote access to your Windows host on an unsecure network.

Ok – What about other SSH Servers on the market? Unfortunately, not all SSH products are created equal. An SSH product is only as strong as it’s security algorithms. When SSH first came out, it was incredibly strong. But advancements in mathematics and computing power have forced the deprecation of many existing and commonly used security algorithms and ciphers. Many SSH products still use the outdated, unsafe security algorithms. The consumer, who is concerned about safety, unknowingly is using an unsafe and outdated SSH Server and Client, putting all their valuable data at risk.

Georgia SoftWorks only uses safe, updated algorithms for 2019. The algorithms aren’t just for the SSH Server, they are used for the SSH Client as well. The SSH Client must also use safe, approved algorithms, MACs and ciphers to provide the level of security for which SSH is renowned.

From Host Key Algorithms, Key Exchange Algorithms, Message Authenticaiton Codes (MACs), Ciphers and Public Key Algorithms, GSW only uses safe algorithms for their SSH products (SSH Client and Server for Windows, the GSW Business Tunnel – SSH Tunneling at its finest, and the GSW ConnectBot – an SSH Client for Android.

Keep your valuable data and sensitive information SECURE. Learn more about our security algorithms here.

Posted in Questions and Answers on Jul 04, 2019

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