What is the Georgia SoftWorks Business Tunnel?

What is the Georgia SoftWorks Business SSH Tunnel?

Imagine this – you are traveling for work and are at the airport. You need to access your company’s network to do a basic task such as checking email, or a more complicated task like managing the databases or servers. You want to protect yourself and your company’s network from hackers, but you know that the path from your computer to your desired location travels over an insecure network. How do you safely and confidently connect over a wifi network?

This is where the Georgia SoftWorks Business Tunnel comes in. The GSW Business Tunnel builds a secure tunnel over an insecure network, between the Business Tunnel software and an SSH Server. Each tunnel may contain one or more channels, where encrypted traffic is encapsulated and sent through the channel, providing the security you need.

The GSW Business Tunnel is a versatile and secure connectivity tool. It allows users to securely access required network services that are often too risky due to non-secure locations, or impossible due to firewall configurations.

Now let’s go back to your traveling dilemma at the airport. In this scenario, you would safely create a tunnel from your laptop to the SSH Server at your office. From there, you could create one or multiple channels, and use those to safely browse the internet, check your email, remote desktop, maintain databases and more.

How Secure is the GSW Business SSH Tunnel?

We say this over and over – something is not secure simply because it says “SSH” in the title. Why? This goes back to the history of SSH. When SSH was first created, the algorithms used were state of the art. Since then, advancements in mathematics and computing power continually forces the deprecation of existing security algorithms and ciphers. This means that the algorithms that used to be top notch, are now not safe. Many SSH products on the market use algorithms that are outdated, deprecated or compromised. As advancements have been made in the hacker world, advancements have also been made in the SSH algorithm and encryption world. New algorithms and ciphers have been developed that are unbreakable. This is why it is important to use current, peer reviewed algorithms and ciphers to ensure data security. The Georgia SoftWorks team continually updates our algorithms and products ensure that our software users never have to worry about using compromised security components. The GSW Business Tunnel uses the most cryptographically secure SSH algorithms, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected.

The GSW Business Tunnel Features – SSH Tunneling at its Finest

  • SSH v2 - The highly recognized security standard used by millions for secure server administration and secure file transfer. SSH provides strong authentication, secure access, data integrity, and some of the best encryptions available. *Persistent connections - in the event of dropped connections, the GSW Business Tunnel automatically reconnects tunnels and channels. often transparent to the user
  • Almost unlimited port forwarding and proxy options
  • GSW Business Tunnel Management GUI - easy configuration without any command lines
  • Create tunnels to one or more hosts - limits access to only services required rather than providing access to everything
  • Runtime activity reporting - know which tunnels and channels are used and by whom

Learn more about the GSW Business Tunnel - SSH Tunneling at its Finest.

Posted in Product Showcase on Jun 11, 2021

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