What Can the GSW ConnectBot (SSH/Telnet Client for Android) Do For You? Features to Save Time and Reduce Errors

The Georgia SoftWorks ConnectBot is an industrial grade terminal emulation client for Android.

What does this mean? It will modernize and update your commercial or industrial environment. The GSW ConnectBot was designed specifically to optimize productivity in the most demanding commercial and industrial environments.

In commercial environments, there are certain qualities in their hardware and software solutions that are non-negotiables. You can’t have software mishaps, failures or even minor frustrations. Software downtime means decreased productivity and decreased profitability, which is unacceptable for your business.

Georgia SoftWorks built the GSW ConnectBot on this foundation - Commercial environments require performance, consistency, reliability and robustness.

Performance – It must function as it claims and do what it is supposed to do.

Consistency – It must behave the same way, every time. No surprises.

Reliability– It must be dependable. It is going to work when you want it to work.

Robustness – It handles situations out of the ordinary with favorable results.

This foundation sets the stage to construct more productivity each shift. Imagine if the software your business used was built on that foundation. How often does your administrator or workers get frustrated because the software is under performing? How often do your warehouse employees have downtime in their day due to software malfunctions? The GSW ConnectBot was specifically designed for the most demanding environments, and the software will perform as such.

The GSW ConnectBot also increases productivity by providing commercial grade features that optimize workflow and minimizes errors for both the administrator and the user.

Commercial Grade Features to Save Time and Reduce Errors

For example, the administrator has multiple deployment options including a zero-touch licensing and configuration option. Admins power up a GSW ConnectBot and the device will automatically get a license and a configuration from the Licensing and Deployment Server (LADS). Gone are the days where the system administrator had to manually license and configure each device.

The system administrator can also pre-configure Host Connections with options such as automatic logon, auto response fiends and answerback. This significantly reduces data entry by the user, saving time and reducing errors.

Here are 10 more examples of time saving/modernization features:

  1. The GSW ConnectBot supports Touch/Mouse events for applications that use a mouse. A tap on the screen is much quicker and easier than searching for a key to press.

  2. When multiple Host connections are active (each having its own session), the user can simply swipe in between sessions. No complicated menu navigation – its easier and faster.

  3. Two tap screen shots – Two taps and boom, a screen shot is automatically sent to the LAD Server for review.

  4. Distinct Admin/user Modes – one mode for configuration administration, and a separate mode for users where they can focus on their job without concern for configurations and settings.

  5. Mouse Touch Support for Application – a modernization feature that takes touch events and translates them to mouse events.

  6. Flexible screen size options – The GSW Connectbot offers flexible screen sizing options, which solves issues that plague system administrators on a regular basis. Screen size can be controlled by the Server, the application, or the client/device.

  7. Auto Response Fields – This feature provides pre-configuration of responses to prompts by the application. Macros can be used. This saves time and reduces errors.

  8. Automatic Logon – No need to type username or password, which saves time and reduces errors.

  9. Stay Connected Feature – In the event that the connection goes down (internet drops or device battery dies), the GSW ConnectBot continuously retries to connect to the host.

  10. Color Coded Host Configurations / Sort Order – When you have multiple Host Connectiosn configured, color coding the connections allows you another way to organized and quickly identifify.

    There are many more industrial grade features that will save time, increase productivity, and reduce errors for your administrator and your users. For more information on what the GSW ConnectBot can do for you- visit our website or contact us today for a free trial!

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