What is an Android SSH Client?

Telnet has been around since the late 1960s as a way of communications for computers across networks. In 1995, SSH was developed to transfer the data securely.

Telnet is simple to use, transmits data using clear text, and is the natural connectivity tool for RF Terminals, Bar Code scanners, and other data collection devices. On its own, Telnet does not offer any type of encryption. SSH provides strong authentication and secures encrypted data. Together, Telnet and SSH provide one of the best data transfer combinations. While there are other data communication alternatives out there, none compare to its ease of set up, ease of use, robustness of features, and strong encryption.

In order for SSH and Telnet to function, users need a client and a server. The user on a Telnet/SSH client access a remote machine that is running a Telnet/SSH server program. With Telnet and SSH, Clients/Servers need an operating system to function.

Since the 60s, Telnet and SSH typically ran on Windows operating systems. In 2007, the original ConnectBot was released as the first SSH Client for Android. It is an open-source, fast, lightweight and free option for users who need to securely log in remotely to servers and transfer files back and forth on an Android operating system.

In 2019, Georgia SoftWorks launched their GSW ConnectBot (SSH/Telnet Client for Android), which is based on the design of the original ConnectBot, but is a commercial option with industrial capabilities and features, designed for the most demanding environments.

Many industries are switching to Android operating systems, as can be seen in the large amount of downloads for SSH Clients for Android.

Be cautious when downloading any SSH products. Not all SSH servers and clients are the same. When SSH first came out in the 90s, it had state of the art security algorithms. Since then, hackers have gotten more cunning. There have been significant increases in computer power and advances in decryption techniques. The majority of the original SSH algorithms are no longer secure. For this reason, not all SSH products and implementations are equally secure. Some still use the initial algorithms, which are old, outdated, and dangerous to use. Make sure your SSH software uses up to date, current, and safe algorithms. Georgia SoftWorks provides SSH for Windows and Android, and constantly updates their algorithms to ensure they have the safest and most current algorithms on their security products.

Posted in How To's and Helpful Information on Oct 08, 2020

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