Slovenia Reseller Reaches 10 Years Selling GSW Telnet Server for Windows

Georgia SoftWorks Thanks Informatio d.o.o. for 10 years of Partnership as an Authorized Reseller of the GSW Telnet Server and SSH Server for Windows.

Georgia SoftWorks celebrates 10 years of partnership with Informatio d.o.o. Since 2009, Informatio d.o.o. has been an Authorized Reseller of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows. Located in Slovenia, Informatio d.o.o. provides users with a complete range of computer hardware and software and demanding computer communications by cooperating with quality suppliers.

Founded in 2009, Informatio d.o.o. is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Despite launching during a year of economic crisis, Informatio has been successful and remained a well-trusted business in Slovenia. They pay attention to developing solutions and solving problems with information technology. By working closely with other companies, they are able to make turnkey solutions for their clients using both software and hardware.

“We are proud to have Informatio on our reseller list. They have a strong customer base, know their client’s needs, and are committed to offering the best products on the market. We have had an ongoing relationship with Zoran Ivković for almost 20 years now. He has a deep knowledge of the software and how it fits their client’s needs. We appreciate his partnership and look forward to many more years of partnership together,” said Diane Sexton of Georgia SoftWorks. “Informatio is a great match for the products and services that Georgia SoftWorks offers.”

Georgia SoftWorks is a software development company located in Dawsonville, Georgia USA who has gained worldwide recognition for their development of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows. The GSW Telnet and SSH Server for Windows are industrial quality software designed for superior operation in the most demanding mobile RF Terminal environments. GSW has end-users and resellers in every continent (except Antarctica). Their software is used in a variety of industries, including government, automobile manufacturing, schools, oil companies, airlines, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage and more.

“We don’t know what the next ten years will bring, but we can promise the same level of commitment and service that has come to define our business and reputation,” said Zoran Ivković, director of Informatio d.o.o. “Because of unsurpassed speed and stability of Georgia Softworks UTS platform as well as outstanding level of support we have from your side we hope, that Georgia Softworks will remain our appreciated partner for decade to come.”

Informatio d.o.o. uses the GSW software in the Automotive, Pharmaceutical, wholesale industries and more. The Georgia SoftWorks UTS provided a platform for some of Informatio’s solutions without which would have been difficult to implement. They chose the GSW UTS because it is fast and highly reliable.

About Informatio d.o.o.:

Informatio d.o.o. is celebrating ten years in business and as we reach this milestone it’s good to reflect on how far we have come. We have been cooperating with company Georgia Softworks for a decade now. But cooperation started with Georgia Softworks two decades ago. At first we used Georgia Softworks UTS as it was expected. Primarily for mobile computers in warehouses. But then we asked ourselves why we should limit ourselves to only that area. So we started developing our own (partner based) application solution coupled with hardware (PCs, wireless mobile computers, touch screen computers, etc.) which uses the Georgia Softworks UTS as a platform. Solutions provided cover the complete needs of companies, such as accountant-financial services, sales, service, warehouse-inventory, time attendance, to highlight a few. What we thought is that console based application might not look pretty, but it could be a real workhorse which does a job and is fast and reliable. And so far we have been proven right. So ten years ago we started up in a small office. Initially, just a few of us working on such solutions decided to leave to form our own business. We had one goal - to do things our way and provide the best service for our potential clients. We’re so proud that our company has grown at such a rate, and that we count local, regional, and national businesses (even international) among our client base, including small, medium and large-scale enterprises. Many things are different today. But what hasn’t changed is our business ethos - it was always to be the best and not the biggest and that still stands today.

About Georgia SoftWorks:

Established in 1991, Georgia SoftWorks is a privately held software development company recognized for creating high performance data communications, system and telecommunications applications. Georgia SoftWorks has obtained a worldwide presence with its industrial SSH/Telnet Server for Microsoft Windows. GSW's long-term commitment to SSH/Telnet has led to the pioneering of major features such as Session Shadowing, Session Monitoring, Graceful Termination, Automatic Logon, Logon Scripting and more recently Team Services technology which allows mobile device users to transfer, swap, share and recover mobile device sessions. GSW has also provided the very first SSH Server to provide Digital Certificate Authentication with an Internet Information Server (IIS) like certificate-to-user account mapping. This includes ‘One-to-one’ and ‘Many-to-one’ mapping methods and also supports certificate trust lists (CTL).

Posted in Press Releases on Jul 06, 2019

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