Security Breaches – Keep your Data Safe with GSW SSH – SSH Server and Business Tunnel

Internet Security is a serious issue. It’s almost impossible to visit a news site without seeing a major security breach. Just this month, several large-scale corporations have suffered massive security breaches, with over 17 million user’s data compromised.

As internet threats and cyber-attacks increase, business vulnerability is at an all-time high. Internet security should be at the forefront of businesses mind, doing everything possible to keep their confidential information secure.

Georgia SoftWorks offers two products that will protect sensitive and valuable data. The GSW SSH Server and the GSW Business Tunnel. The GSW SSH Server:

Georgia SoftWorks’ SSH Server and SSH Client provide a FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) Compliant 140-2 option, which meets cryptographic module security standards to protect sensitive and valuable data.

Georgia SoftWorks, developer of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows, developed this End-to End SSH FIPS 140-2 compliant solution while under contract with the United States Military. Georgia SoftWorks is able to make this military-grade solution commercially available to other businesses who desire to comply with government grade security requirements.

The Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server for Windows, SSH Server for Windows and other products are used in the most demanding and rigorous commercial environments in a variety of industries all over the world. The GSW Business Tunnel – Proving a Secure Path through an untrusted network

The GSW Business Tunnel is a versatile and secure connectivity tool that allows you and your coworkers secure access to required network services that are often risky due to non-secure locations or impossible due to firewall configurations.

With the GSW Business Tunnel, secure tunnels are built over a network between the Business Tunnel Software and an SSH Server. Each tunnel may contain one or more channels where encrypted traffic is encapsulated and is sent through an encrypted channel providing the security you need to confidently connect over a wifi network.

From branch offices, airports, hotels, home, or any remote location you can confidently and securely Browse your company's intranet, surf the web, remote desktop, manage servers, send/receive email, maintain databases and more!

The GSW Business Tunnel harnesses the power of the strong SSH v2 - The highly recognized security standard used by millions for secure server administration and secure file transfer. SSH provides strong authentication, secure access, data integrity, and some of the best encryptions available.

Keep your sensitive business information secure, simply. Let Georgia SoftWorks help. Call for your free trial today!

Posted in How To's and Helpful Information, Product Showcase on May 25, 2017

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