Security Breach Vs Security Hack – and How to Prevent BOTH using SSH

Security Breach Vs Security Hack – and How to Prevent BOTH using SSH

What is the difference between a security breach and a security hack? Both terms have infiltrated in almost every news source on a regular basis. While sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, they are actually very different.

Here are some definitions to understand the difference between a Security Breach and a Hack –

Security Breach– a security breach is when data is unintentionally left vulnerable through an unsecured environment.

Security Hack– a hack is an intentional attack by a perpetrator who gains unauthorized access to a protected system.

A hack is when a person or group intentionally gains access to your server or information with the purpose to steal the information or hold the information ransom. A breach could be an algorithm that is outdated or a password that is easily bypassed.

If you are involved in any sort of business that handles customer’s sensitive data (credit cards, email addresses, personal information, account balances, etc) or your own sensitive information (passwords, access codes, credit cards, banking information…etc), it is imperative that you eliminate any possibilities for security breaches or hacks.

A breach or a hack can be detrimental to your business. Maintaining a secure environment is extremely important. Wishful thinking will NOT keep your sensitive data secure. Security is not the area to skip over when setting up your software and hardware. You need products that offer the strongest security features available and who continually update their security algorithms.

Georgia SoftWorks can help you with this. Georgia SoftWorks offers several products that will protect sensitive and valuable data using SSH. Georgia SoftWorks also continually updates their security algorithms, you can view more about their security algorithms here.

The GSW SSH Server for Windows – The GSW SSH Server for Windows offers a secure, encrypted solution that is simple to install, with complete End-to-End Security (client and server).

The GSW SSH Server for Windows with FIPS 140-2 Compliance – Under contract with the United States Military, GSW developed an End-to-End SSH FIPS 140-2 complaint solution to meet their requirements. This is now available commercially for other Federal and State agencies, or for institutions with the need to comply with government grade security requirements.

The GSW Business Tunnel– SSH Tunneling at its finest. The GSW Business Tunnel uses SSHv2, the highly recognized security standard. This versatile and secure connectivity tool allows secure access to required network services that are often risky due to non-secure locations or impossible due to firewall configurations.

The GSW ConnectBot – SSH Client for Android. The GSW ConnectBot Android SSH client features are optimized for barcode scanning environments. The GSW ConnectBot is the most secure Android SSH client available for commercial and industrial environments.

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