Power Features for the GSW Telnet Server for Windows

The Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server for Windows offers an industrial suite of features to be used for the most demanding commercial environments. The GSW Telnet Server for Windows was designed for superior operation, with intentional features to increase workflow and save time, while providing breakthrough collaboration technology.

Here are a few of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows Power Features:

Team Services – Team Services allows team members to Share, Swap, Transfer and Recover Sessions. All these collaboration features are initiated from the GSW (or 3rd party) SSH/Telnet Client on the device or workstation. There is no system administrator intervention required.

Automatic Logon – This feature accelerates the user logon process. There is no prompting for username or password, while extremely save. There are no passwords transmitted across the network.

Single Sign-On- This allows single sign on through NTLM and Kerberos. The Certificate Based logon is safe, fast and secure – based on the user’s digital certificates

True Client-Side Printing - This feature allows users to print to portable bar code printers. It allows for pass through printing, so workers can print to the most convenient printer.

Event Logging – The GSW Telnet Server provides useful activity information that can be used for generating reports.

Logon Scripting- Telnet Server Logon Scripting is an advanced feature that allows the system administrator unmatched control over the user sessions. Logon scripts are often used to map drives, establish network connections, change directories, set environment variables, and launch applications.

Termination Scripting – This feature allows the administrator to set up scripts that will automatically run applications upon session termination.

Programmatic Interface – The GSW Telnet Server Programmatic Interface allows the system administrator to take control of input/output to/from clients. Client Identity and Uniqueness – Knowing the exact identiy of the client device connected is required in many environments, and extremely useful in the others.

Special Refresh Character- The user Definable Refresh Character will cause Telnet/SSH to repaint the screen data. This is useful in environments that may occasionally drop the characters such as some RF Terminals.

GUI Configuration Tool- The GSW Configuration Tool allows the use of an intuitive Windows Explorer style graphical user interface to set configuration parameters that reside in the registry in addition to creation of folders, scripts, and the creation/modification of UTS environment variables.

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