Interview with Mayoristas de Technologia para el Canal: A GSW Reseller

Mayoristas de Tecnologia para el Canal – Specialists in Technical Software; Network monitoring, bandwith administration, remote control, helpdesk, Telnet Software, perimeter security.

In 2005, Mayoristas de Tecnologia para el Canal became an Authorized Reseller of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows. They have been a part of the GSW Reseller Network for 10 years now.

GSW: In what industries are you using GSW software?

Mayoristas de Tecnologia: Mostly on Food & Beverages, then Distribution and then Retail.

GSW: How does GSW fit into the solutions you provide?

Mayoristas de Tecnologia: GSW fit into our catalog because we offer technical & specialized software to the mexican market, rather than commercial one.

GSW: Why did you pick GSW to use in your solutions?

Mayoristas de Tecnologia: We picked to use GSW because at the very beginning, it was highly recommended by one of our customers, and then, after an exhaustive comparison versus others, it was the “must have” option.

GSW:Is there any particular feature of GSW software that stands out?

Mayoristas de Tecnologia: yes, stability and robustness.

GSW:What is the typical topology of an installation. For example, are you using mobile devices? If so what kind? Is the server that houses GSW software on site, different location, cloud?

Mayoristas de Tecnologia: Server on site, and mobile devices. Mostly Intermec devices. A few motorola devices.

GSW: Is there anything you would like to highlight or say about GSW software or services?

Mayoristas de Tecnologia:Most relevant you, your people at GSW. What you say, is what you deliver. Prices, discounts. 100% transparent. Is great to do business with a company like yours.

Posted in Questions and Answers on Sep 23, 2015

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