How Fast is the GSWTelnet/SSH? Rocket Fast.

How Fast is the GSW Telnet and SSH Server? Rocket Fast.

Georgia SoftWorks understands that speed in telecommunication and data communication is vital. Speed is time. Time is money. The GSW Universal Terminal Server (UTS – Telnet Server and SSH Server) is FAST FAST FAST.

How so?

The GSW UTS provides incredibly fast screen updates. In fact, the FASTEST on the market. Several optimizations have been implemented with respect to screen updates. For example, when data is sent from the server to the client, only the screen data that has changed is sent.

The keyboard response is also incredibly fast. When you type a character, it is displayed immediately. A fast typist will have to work to outrun the keyboard response of the Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server.

Compression for Slow Link Speeds

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS for Windows compresses data to increase the overall throughput of data. Incredible performance optimizations are utilized when using the Georgia SoftWorks SSH/Telnet Clients.

Proprietary Performance Algorithms and Code Optimizations

To accomplish the desired performance, the GSW SSH/Telnet Server designers used object oriented C++ for the foundation of the software, providing a modular, easily extendable and maintainable design. In addition to sophisticated performance algorithms, all time-critical sections of the software are written in highly optimized C code.

DOSBoss MSDOS Application Performance Booster

The Georgia SoftWorks DOSBoss dramatically improves system performance in situations when MSDOS applications are running under Microsoft Windows NT. In fact, some say its incredible!

Many MSDOS applications run under Windows but do not perform well, especially when multiple instances of them are being used at the same time (without Telnet/SSH). This is because MSDOS applications do not know about Windows and assume they are the only application(s) running on the computer. As a result, MSDOS applications are not always Windows friendly. With the GSW DOSBoss, performance is drastically improved.

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