How to Configure Voice Enable Control on GSW Telnet Server for Windows

What is Voice Enabled Control for GSW Telnet or SSH Client?

Georgia SoftWorks has collaborated with Vangard Voice Systems, Inc. to develop and implement the required software to enable the Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows Mobile and Desktop clients to operate with AccuSpeech® Mobile, their enterprise voice solution. Vangard Voice System’s solution creates a custom voice-user interface for controlling existing mobile, devices, application and business processes. Configuration is simple.

The robust, full featured Georgia SoftWorks UTS installed at thousands of mission critical location around the world, coupled with Vangard’s AccuSpeech® Mobile provides a reliable and innovative solution that is nothing less than a quantum leap in mobile workforce productivity.

The GSW Windows Clients are voice enabled for operation with AccuSpeech Mobile so workforces can voice-collect, access and transact information, while performing and focusing on the task at hand. GSW UTS Windows Mobile and Desktop clients support Vangard Voice Systems, Inc. AccuSpeech® Mobile on Windows and are enabled by GSW Client configuration. UTS and GSW Windows clients version 8.04 or higher is required for Vangard Voice AccuSpeech support.

How to Configure the GSW Telnet Server for Windows Voice Enabled Control

You can configure the GSW Telnet Server for Windows Voice Enabled Control on Windows Mobile, or Windows CE Configuration. We will walk through both sets of directions.

Windows CE Configuration

When using Windows CE, you will navigate to the correct configuration screen, enable Vanguard Voice support, and provide the path to the Vangard Voice AccuSpeech® Mobile XML file.

Enable Vangard Voice Support on Windows CE Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Enable Vangard Voice AccuSpeech® Mobile support in the GSW mobile client for Windows CE On the Windows CE device, open the GSW Mobile Client and using the dropdown, select Session, and then Settings. Scroll right and you will see the Vangard Voice Tab. Click “Enable Vangard Voice”.

Step 2: Configure the path to the Vangard Voice AccuSpeech® Mobile XML file.

Click on the Configure Path button. Browse to the folder where the Vangard Voice AccuSpeech® Mobile XML file is located, specified by Vangard Voice installation. Select the file and click OK. Be sure to save the GSW Mobile Client configuration.

The configuration is complete. Simply connect to the GSW UTS and start talking!

Windows Mobile Configuration for Voiced Enabled Control Telnet Server

To enable Vangard Voice when using the GSW Windows Mobile Client is simply modifying a line in the GSW Windows Mobile configuration file. This is accomplished by first copying the configuration file to a workstation (PC) where editing is easier than on a device. Next, add the Vangard Voice Enabling configuration line. This is done by setting the environment variable VVPath to the path of the Vangard Voice XML configuration file. Then save the file and copy it back to the device.

Enable Voice Control on Telnet/SSH Windows Mobile Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:Ensure that the GSW mobile client is not running. If it is running, close the client. This can be achieved by opening the Task manager on the mobile device and stopping the GSW Windows Client.

Step 2: Copy the GSW Windows Mobile Client configuration file to a workstation. On the Windows mobile device, open File Explorer and copy the GSW Mobile Client configuration file (which has a .gswtc extension and is identified by the GSW Globe Icon) to a workstation/PC.

Step 3: Edit the file using an editor such as notepad.exe to add the path to the Vanguard Voice AccuSpeech Mobile XML file (located on the device). The path to the Vanguard Voice AccuSpeech Mobile XML file is added to the configuration file in the Session Section identified [Session] with the square brackets around it. Add the line anywhere in the [Session] section. The path is specified by Vanguard Voice installation. Use the syntax as follows: VVPath= Example: VVPath=\SamplApp.xml

Copy the file back to the device to the appropriate folder on the device. The configuration is completed. Simply make a connection with the GSW Mobile client to the GSW Telnet or SSH Server for Windows and start talking.

A few additional notes:

Vangard Voice AccuSpeech® (Mobile) software must be installed and verified to be operational prior to any attempt to configure GSW Windows Clients to use it. Additionally, Vangard Voice AccuSpeech® (Mobile) should be configured to operate in the Half-Duplex mode. Please contact Vangard Voice or authorized party to ensure proper installation and configuration of AccuSpeech® for the application you intend to voice enable. Assistance with Vangard Voice AccuSpeech ca® (Mobile) n be found at 949.435.1001.

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