How can an administrator trouble shoot and remedy issues from their own workstation? Through the GSW RC MDMS!

The GSW RC MDMS – What does it do?

The Georgia SoftWorks Remote Control Mobile Device Monitoring Suite (RC MDMS) is an industrial-quality, remote viewing and control software for windows CE/Mobile Devices. It allows the remote control and viewing of the desktop, as well as enables better administration due to the ease of uploading files and applications to the device through the File Transfer capabilities. What does this mean? It means an Administrator to be in several places at once. Without leaving your office, you can observe the work flow of a multitude of mobile devices!

When a device configuration or software issue does occur, the GSW RCMDMS provides a steady and reliable remote control connection to the device allowing the administrator from the convenience of their workstation to troubleshoot and remedy the issue.

Key Features:

Remote Control (Shadowing) – Control the device in real time and see the same display as the device user.

Remote Viewing (Monitoring) – View the screen in real time and see the same display as the device user.

File Transfer – Transfer files to or from the device. Intuitive GUI makes uploads and downloads a snap.

Other Features:

Browser Base Application – a major benefit of the GSW RcMDMS is that all of it’s features function 100% within a web browser. Using protocols over a TCP/IP network enables robust and industrial grade operations with very little overhead on the network and minimal impact to the End User’s mobile device.

FileTransfer – Use the RcMDMS web browser interface to transfer files between the mobile device and the workstation.

Remote Control Shadowing – With the RCShadowing feature, you can take control of the device with a workstation’s keyboard, mouse and monitor. By doing so, configuring settings, running programs and rebooting on the mobile device are done quickly and with minimal overhead to the network connection.

Monitoring – With this feature, the Administrator can view any mobile device without the worry of compromising the work flow with any accidental remote control.

Device Status Graphing – Monitoring Device status of four key indicators are displayed in real time through a flowing line graph. The indicators shown are CPU Usage, Battery Status, Memory Usage, and Wi-Fi Signal Strength. Additional aspects of each indicator is shown in a separate tab in a more detailed format.

Device Grouping – Create groups of mobile devices. These lists are convenient in accessing quickly numerous devices.

Screen Capture– Capture several mobile devices screen images in an instant. This unique method enables the recording of many screen shots one after another, sort through the images you need, and save the desired screenshots.

Easy Setup - See the 3 Easy Steps!

Posted in Product Showcase on Oct 18, 2018

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