GSW Reseller Reaches 5 Years Selling Telnet Server for Windows

Georgia SoftWorks (GSW) thanks BSD Solutions for 5 years of partnership as an Authorized Reseller of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows.

Since 2012, BSD Solutions has been an authorized reseller of the Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server and SSH Server for Windows. Located in Vietnam, BSD Solutions provides world-class services for business applications based on QAD, ERP, IBM Software, Sage Solution and Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. This includes consultation, implementation, training, customization, support and maintenance for these applications.

BSD Solutions, together with their strategic partners, gives enterprise technology platforms, security solutions and flexible governance plans that are simple yet effective. They use the Georgia SoftWorks products in a variety of industries, including production, retail, healthcare and more.

“Georgia SoftWorks has the fastest, most robust SSH Server available. We provide unmatched security that is easy to install, implement and configure, making it an excellent complement to the products DSD Solutions provides,” said Matt Kittrell of Georgia SoftWorks. “We appreciate the past 5 years of partnership and look forward future years.”

Georgia SoftWorks is a software development company based in Georgia, USA that has received global recognition for the GSW UTS, their Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows. The GSW UTS is the most robust and reliable UTS on the market, used in the most rigorous and demanding industrial environments. The GSW Telnet Server for Windows is excellent with mobile devices in RFID, RF Terminal, barcode scanners and other data collection and wireless environments, making it a great software addition to the services BSD Solutions offers and the industries they serve.

Posted in Reseller Anniversaries on Feb 28, 2017

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