GSW Product Showcase: DTIO Engine

The GSW Directed Terminal Input/Output (DTIO) Engine – an add on component for the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for WindowsIf your application is sluggish due to processing bottlenecks or CPU limitations, you need a larger number of sessions on your server, or you want the bell to work on your RF Device rather than sounding on the server, then the DTIO Engine is for you!

The Georgia SoftWorks Directed Terminal Input/Output (DTIO) Engine takes the fastest and most robust telnet server for windows and makes it even faster! It boosts performance and increases sessions.

The history of the DTIO Engine:

The objective of the GSW DTIO Engine was to provide significant performance improvements and a higher number of sessions on a server than previously possible due to processing bottlenecks and CPU limitations. It would be a specialized software focused on a narrow set of goals.

The outcome:

A new performance standard is realized when using the GSW Directed Terminal I/O Engine with the Georgia SoftWorks UTS for Windows. Large systems experience a dramatic performance improvement as well as a substantial increase in the number of sessions on a server.

How it works:

The GSW TIO Engine is an add-on component that intercepts a specific set of terminal input/output operating system calls initiated by your application and directs terminal I/O through a specialized high performance interface within the GSW Universal Terminal Server (UTS).

The GSW Directed Terminal I/O (DTIO) Engine programmatically hooks the application executable. This involves the injection of a library into the application address space. This is a well-established technique and an overview is described in the book "Programming Application for Microsoft Windows, Fourth Edition", published by Microsoft Press. Author: Jeffrey Richter.

Posted in Product Showcase on Nov 29, 2017

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