Georgia SoftWorks – True Innovators in the SSH/Telnet World – The Real Pioneers

Georgia SoftWorks has often been copied, but has never been equaled in their developments.

Founded in 1991, GSW began as a custom software development. They had an in-house need for a fast, reliable, robust and high-performing Telnet Server for Windows, and saw that there were none available. Georgia Softworks began to develop their own. Their product filled a void in the industrial and commercial market, and quickly gained momentum.

They designed their Telnet Server on their core foundation of requirements for commercial software: It must be reliable, consistant, robust, with superior performance.

  • Reliability: It must operate correctly
  • Consistency: It must operate the same way every time. No Surprises.
  • Robustness: Not only does it handle normal situations, but it must handle “of the ordinary” conditions without crashing or causing other problems.
  • Performance: It must be fast, with excellent features.

They designed their Telnet and SSH Server for Windows on a platform where features could be easily added and that requires minimal maintenance. Because of this, innovation-based on user feedback has led to many features and breakthroughs with the GSW software. Georgia SoftWorks cares about their customers and understands that many people need custom development to satisfy their very targeted objectives. GSW constantly innovates and improves products to fit customers specific needs. GSW is open to a plethora of ideas ranging from custom development to providing personalization packages to help secure businesses and take Telnet/SSH to un-imaginable levels.

Georgia SoftWorks has been committed to its customers and committed to developing the best connectivity software on the market.

Below are a few of the great ideas and innovations developed by Georgia SoftWorks for their Universal Terminal Server for Windows:

  • Microsoft Pseudo Console (experimental – but really nice)
  • IPv6 Support
  • Certificate Based Logon for SSH with GUI Mapping tool. Many-to-one and one-to-one
  • Public Key to User Account Mapping with the GSW Mapping Tool
  • GSW Team Services - Breakthrough Collaboration Technology for Telnet/SSH
  • GSW UTS Mobile Clients Support Simplified Chinese with font GB!
  • GSW Mobile SSH2/Telnet Clients for Pocket PC 2003 & CE .NET 4.2/5.0 class of devices
  • Automatic upgrade of GSW Windows Clients from GSW UTS Server
  • File Transfer – Transfer files between the Server and Client via telnet!
  • Session Saver - Reconnect to session after Link Failure and automatically resume work in progress!
  • Auto Logon - RF Terminals and Telnet clients can quickly connect with minimal prompting. SSH when using GSW clients.
  • Session Shadowing - Interactive Input to other Telnet/SSH sessions
  • Execute Commands on the Client from within the Telnet/SSH Session!
  • DOSBoss - MS DOS Application Performance Booster
  • 128 BIT Strong Complete Data Stream Encryption – Telnet
  • AES256 Super Strong Encryption – SSH
  • Complete Data Stream Encryption
  • Session Monitor - Observe screen activity of other Telnet/SSH sessions
  • True Client-Side Printing (Multiple Printers per session, Open Print Method (No client or OS restrictions)
  • Working JAVA Client/Applet
  • MOUSE Support
  • Incredible performance algorithms never thought to be possible with Windows Telnet/SSH
  • Failure Detection and Recovery Methods
    • Graceful Termination of DOS Applications and Win32 Console Applications
    • Complete Session Cleanup, Complete NTVDM Cleanup
    • Server-Side Inactivity Timer, Server-Side Heartbeat
    • Client-Side Heartbeat
  • Special Bell Processing
  • Expired Password Handling
  • Perfect PC emulation where all keys and key combinations are handled
  • Color to Monochrome mapping provided. Very useful for RF Terminals

Posted in How To's and Helpful Information on May 20, 2021

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