Country Highlight – Belgium – GSW Telnet Server Resellers in Belgium

Georgia SoftWorks has gained worldwide recognition for their development of the GSW Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows over the past 25 years. They have end users and resellers on every continent, except Antarctica. As more resellers join the ever-growing global network of Authorized Resellers, more industries are using the GSW Telnet and SSH, proving its robustness and superior operation in the most demanding commercial and industrial environments.

SAP users enjoy the GSW Universal Terminal Server (UTS) ease of operation as well as specialized features that include mobile printing and Session Monitoring to maximize the return on investment. The Georgia SoftWorks UTS is the industrial quality software foundation supporting the suite of GSW server products including the GSW Telnet Server, the GSW SSH Server for Windows, the Session Administrator and numerous remote access utilities. The UTS offers many features that will benefit SAP users. For example, in most instances the user will want SAPConsole to automatically launch when the SSH/Telnet session is connected. This is easily done via the GSW Logon Scripts.

Authorized Resellers in Belgium:

Delaware Consulting –

Delaware Consulting is a leading IT services provider, delivering state-of-the art IT solutions and services based on the SAP and Microsoft technology platforms. A Gold SAP, Gold Certified Microsoft and Premier Open Text partner, Delaware Consulting is continually strengthening and expanding its organization. The Delaware Consulting team counts 550 professionals at offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, China and the US.


SAPSTROOM is a SAP consulting practice focused on excellence in supply chain processes. As an independent specialist experienced in IT, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, SAPSTROOM is a great partner for a successful and competitive future. Your success is their ultimate goal.

Posted in Country Highlights on Aug 30, 2017

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