5 Questions about the GSW Telnet Server for Windows

1. Q: What sets the GSW Telnet Server for Windows apart from other Telnet Servers?

A: The GSW Telnet Server for Windows has unmatched reliability, features, security and support. No one should settle for anything less. The Georgia SoftWorks UTS (Suite of Telnet Server and SSH Server for Windows) is fast, robust and lightweight. The GSW UTS an industrial quality Telnet Server designed for superior operation in demanding commercial, industrial and enterprise environments. It has proven itself in a variety if industries including warehousing, manufacturing, grocery stores and many more. The Georgia SoftWorks has been committed to providing the best Telnet server solutions for the Windows and RF Wireless market for over 25 years.

Georgia SoftWorks pioneered many of the features in the world of Telnet/SSH, such as Team Services, File Transfer, Session Saver, Auto Logon, Session Shadowing, and Session Monitoring.

2. Q: Does the GSW Telnet/SSH Server for Windows work with SAP?

A: YES! The GSW UTS works great out of the box with SAPConsole. Georgia SoftWorks steps up your return from your SAPConsole by providing products that have consistent operation, high-end features, performance, and unmatched security. The UTS is time tested and time proven in mission-critical SAP environments all around the world. Georgia SoftWorks offers direct support for SAPConsole.

3. Q: What kind of features does the GSW Telnet Server for Windows offer?

A: The GSW UTS has many feature packs. The Power Features Pack, the Session Administrator Pack, the Security Pack, the Emulations/Compatibility Pack, the Failure Detection/Recovery Pack, the Utility Pack, the Super Clients Pack, the Legacy Pack and the Performance Pack are all full of incredible features that will create ease, enhance functionality and suite any company’s needs.

4. Q: In what industries can I use the GSW Telnet Server?

A: Any! The GSW Telnet Server is currently used in a variety of industries all over the world, including automobile manufacturers, oil companies, airlines, pharmaceutical industries, medical practices, universities and labs, department stores, food and beverage processing, grocery stores, aircraft carriers, US Army, NASA, school systems and more!

5. Q: What is the best way to get started with the GSW Telnet Server?

A: The GSW Universal Terminal Server for Windows comes ready with a 10-session free trial of Telnet. You can try it free for 30 days! Contact Georgia SoftWorks for more information.

Posted in Questions and Answers on Aug 16, 2017

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