4 Key Elements of GSW Telnet Server for Windows Team Services

Team Members Helping Team Members with the GSW Telnet Server and SSH Server

The Georgia SoftWorks UTS (Telnet Server for Windows and SSH Server for Windows) empowers mobile device users with their Team Services program. Teams Services is about unprecedented user collaboration and allows mobile device users to quickly share recourses to improve productivity and reduce hardware costs.

1.Transfer This allows the session that is transferred to a second device to resume at the exact point where the session was on the first device.

Real Life Example: Sam has been working on the forklift all morning. He is about to go on his lunch break. Barry notices that Sam is about to eat lunch and the forklift will be available. Barry can transfer his session to the Truck Mount Device. He will not even have to log off! The transfer takes less than a minute and only takes a few keystrokes. No system administrator was required.

2. Share Two devices can share a single session.

Real Life Example: Barry is working alone. He has a truck mount scanner but will need a wireless mobile scanner for the hard to reach items. Barry is issued another non-tethered device. Between the truck mount scanner and the handheld scanner, Barry now has 2 sessions on 2 different devices. However, he needs the data entered from either device to go into the same data entry screen. Through the GSW Team Services SHARE, Barry can share sessions onto both devices.

3.Swap – Swap sessions with another Team Member. After swapping, each session is preserved and will resume exactly where it was when the swap occurred.

Real Life Example: Sam can’t quite reach several items with the truck mount tethered scanner. Barry is using a wireless handheld scanner. After 2 keystrokes, Sam and Barry swap sessions so that Sam can scan the correct items. They were both able to keep their original sessions, they did not have to log off, and the swap took less than a minute.

4. Recover – Recover a session that was disconnected from a device. The same device or a different device can be used to recover the session.

Real Life Example: Barry is working on a very important project. In the middle of it, Barry’s device is run over by a forklift! Barry no longer has a connection and his session is suspended, however he must complete his job. Barry is able to use a new device and Recover his old session, exactly at the point where his device was destroyed. He is able to recover the session in less than a minute with no session administrator required, and in only a few keystrokes. This will also work if the batteries die in his device or if there are network problems, etc.

GSW Team Services empowers the mobile device users to share resources, transfer, swap, share and recover mobile device sessions from the mobile device.

This provides your mobile device users the capability to quickly solve common mobile device session and device problems without having to perform administrative operations on the server or needing to involve Information Technology (IT) personnel.

  • Empowers Mobile Device User – session management operations initiated from the mobile device. This is a breakthrough feature!

  • No system administrator intervention required.

  • Works with GSW and 3rd party clients

  • Incredible Features - Sharing, Swapping, Transfer and Recovery of Sessions

  • Strict Teams - Optional grouping of users into teams that are allowed to interact with Team Services

  • Fast and Easy - No Technical degree required and the fastest way to resume work (less than 60 seconds)

Instead of purchasing multiple types of devices per user; or all high end devices for the occasional need for high end features, team members can maximize device utilization by quickly sharing or swapping devices without even having to log off or involving the system administrator.

Posted on Sep 08, 2016

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