10 Years for GSW Team Services – Telnet/SSH Feature Release from 2007

Georgia SoftWorks has been continuing improvement and staying on the cutting edge of technology since 1991. 10 years ago, in 2007, Georgia SoftWorks launched a new feature release of the UTS (GSW Telnet Server and SSH Server). Of the items in the feature release, the monumental Team Services has transformed users abilities in the data collection world.

Join us as we travel down memory lane and reminisce on the progressive technology of 2007. The Telnet/SSH Feature Release Notes from 2007:

Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server Feature Release 7.01.0003

Georgia SoftWorks Team Services – unprecedented user collaboration and empowering of users with innovative session management tools from the client device. Team Services are performed without System Administrator intervention! GSW Team Services are fast, under 60 seconds!

Other New Features:

GSW Universal Terminal Server (SSH/Telnet) – Windows VISTA Support added.

GSW Universal Terminal Server (SSH/Telnet) – Standard versions validated on Windows x64 (XP, VISTA and 2003 Server) platform.

GSW Universal Terminal Server 64-bit edition for Windows x64 edition platforms. GSW UTS x64 is native for Windows x64 Editions.

GSW Universal Terminal Server (SSH/Telnet) – 128-Bit Encryption is now the default encryption for product distribution.

GSW Universal Terminal Server (SSH/Telnet) – Distribution CD includes both the GSW UTS x64 and the standard 32-bit version.

During the past 10 years, Georgia SoftWorks Team Services has shattered all prior usability and efficiency standards by allowing for unprecedented user collaboration and cutting the costs of hardware. With enormous implications, the GSW Team Services has radically transformed the client/server applications universe from isolated and fragile sessions to a world of persistence and creative collaboration of empowered users.

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Posted in What's Happening on Oct 19, 2017

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