Georgia SoftWorks Statement on Log4J Vulnerability

Georgia SoftWorks is fully aware of the recently disclosed vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228). We want to inform all customers that it has been verified that GSW Products are not affected by this vulnerability in any way.

We do not use log4j in GSW ConnectBot. Additionally, log4j is typically NOT used by Android apps because Android comes with its own logging library.

None of Georgia SoftWorks' websites/domains utilize the Apache Log4J logging libraries.

What is the Log4j Vulnerability?

The Log4j vulnerability is a flaw in a Java library for logging error messages. This library was developed by the Apache Software Application. Devices are at risk only if they are running an application that uses Apache Log4J versions 2.0 - 2.12.1.  This vulnerability allows for remote code execution on the host computer.

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