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Specify Ciphers / Encryption Algorithms for SSH Server | 2022

Select SSH Server Ciphers / Encryption Algorithms

Specify the ciphers available to the server that are offered to the client. The ciphers are available to the client in the server’s default order unless specified. The default order will vary from release to release to deliver the best blend of security and performance.

Specify the ciphers that the server can offer to the client by modifying the registry key szCiphers.

The key is:

The following is the default list of ciphers.,,aes256-ctr,aes192-ctr,3descbc,aes128-ctr,,aes256-cbc,rijndael256-cbc,,aes192-cbc,rijndael192-cbc,aes128-cbc,rijndael128-cbc,cast128- cbc,blowfish-cbc

The following is the list and order of all ciphers available with FIPs 140-2 disabled

The following is the list and order of ciphers available with the FIPS 140-2 option enabled.

The registry parameter bDisableFIPS must be set to 1 to use algorithms which are not on the FIPS list. The default value of this parameter is 0.

The following is the procedure to change the registry key to specify the Ciphers available to the client.
1. Click the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen
2. Click RUN
4. Click OK
5. Select Registry Key:

6. Select the menu item Edit and then click on Modify
7. Enter the new value for the szCiphers and click OK

Watch How to Specify Ciphers / Encryption Algorithms for SSH Server

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The new value will take effect when the GSW SSHD service is restarted

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Document Number: FAQ-SSH-EX018001081519

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