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How to restart SSH service on Windows

How to restart the SSHD service on Windows.

Requirements user or command shell need elevated privileges

Note: Any users connected to the SSH server will be disconnected when the SSH is restarted.

The GSW SSH Server reads configuration values each time the GSW_SSHD service is started. It is the mechanism to read the configuration registry keys into the SSH Server and apply those values.

Two options for re-starting the GSW SSH Service are:

Option 1: In the Windows Start, Search or Run command enter services.msc and press enter

  1. Select the Extended tab at the bottom
  2. Select Georgia Softworks GSW_SSHD service
  3. Click Restart the service.

The Georgia SoftWorks GSW_SSHD service and the Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server should both have a status of Started and a Startup Type of Automatic. Using the Windows Services utility is the recommended method to start and stop the GSW services when required.

Option 2: You may use a batch program or windows command shell to restart SSH service. In the Windows Start Menu, search box type in cmd.exe and in the results right click cmd.exe and select Run as administrator.

In the command shell enter the following.
net stop gsw_sshd && net start gsw_sshd

Confirm that the GSW SSH Service is running.

Using the Installation Status Program Item within Georgia SoftWorks UTS program group, you can view the Installation Status of the GSW UTS and SSH Server.

View the row “Georgia SoftWorks SSH Shield”. The far right column “running” should have a ✔ check in the check box as shown above.

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