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Location of DSA Private Key on Windows Secure Shell

Where is the DSA Private Key for GSW Secure Shell Server for Windows?

The SSH Server DSA Private Key is in an encrypted file and is in the PEM format.
This configuration is contained in the registry key szServerDSAKeyFile which is a text string.
You can change the location by modifying the registry key.

The key is:

The default value is the installation folder for the GSW SSH Shield.
C:\Program Files\Georgia SoftWorks\Georgia SoftWorks SSH Shield\sshd_dsa.key

The following is a procedure to change the Location of SSH Server DSA Private Key.
1. Click the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen
2. Click RUN
4. Click OK
5. Select Registry Key:

6. Select the menu item Edit and then click on Modify
7. Enter the new value for the szServerDSAKeyFile and click OK

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The new value will take effect when the GSW SSHD service is restarted

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