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Install SSH Server on Windows

Installation of the GSW SSH Server on Windows is simple and quick.

  1. Run the setup program (sshshld.exe). The Welcome screen of the setup program is displayed and you are reminded to urged to exit all Windows programs before continuing. You are also reminded that you must have administratrive privileges to install this program.
    Click Next.

  2. A screen is displayed indicating the folder where the GSW SSH Shiled will be installed. The default is:

    • For Win x64: C:\Program Files\Georgia SoftWorks\Georgia SoftWorks SSH SHIELD
    • For Win x86: C:\Program Files (x86)\Georgia SoftWorks\Georgia SoftWorks SSH Shield

    You may change the installation directory at this time.
    Note: Make sure that the users of the SSH Server have full access to the installation directory.

    Select the Program Folder for the SSH Server.
    Click Next.

  3. A shell opens a windows with installation status lines similar to the figure below.

  4. Click Finish
    Now the setup is complete!

Now its time to register the GSW SSH Server for Windows. The SSH Server will run in a FREE trial mode for 30 days.

Please view the readme.txt as it may contain late breaking information about the SSH Server that has not yet made it into the user manual. Release Notes are also contained in the readme.txt.

Installation will result in the Georgia SoftWorks program group.

The program group item “Installation Status” showing GSW SSH as installed. Additionally, the version of the GSW SSH Shield is displayed along with the status of the server and other Georgia SoftWorks software that may be installed.

Watch How to Install SSH Server on Windows

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The new value will take effect when the GSW SSHD service is restarted

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