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Registration SSH Server for Windows

Registration activates the license for the Secure Shell Server for Windows1.

The GSW SSH Server is licensed for a single server. The license must be activated for the software to operate. To activate the license a valid Serial Number is required and is examined periodically by the SSH Server software. The Serial Number also allows new versions to be downloaded and installed for the duration of your subscription plan.

Two methods exist to obtain a valid Serial Number.

  1. Registration via Software Serial Number.
    This method exists for environments that do not support Parallel or USB ports. In brief this entails providing GSW with a machine specific Product ID. A Serial Number is generated based on the Product ID. This is usually performed via the GSW Ticket System, however is some cases email, fax or telephone.
  2. Registration via Floating License
    The Serial Number is pre-programmed into a specific hardware key that came with your purchase. The hardware key connects to a parallel or USB port on the server.

Registration via Software Serial Number

To run the GSW SSH Server you must first register the software. (This registration is NOT required if you installed the Floating License) Registration via Software Serial Number entails just a few steps that involve obtaining the Product ID and providing this Identification to Georgia SoftWorks so a Serial Number can be generated. Georgia SoftWorks will provide you with the Serial Number based on the Product ID. When you enter the Serial Number into the Registration Tool, click Register.

NOTE: Read System Signature Chapter.

How to Register the Software

To run the registration software -

Prior to registering the SSH Server, a reminder dialog is presented indicating that the SSH Shield is not registered.

The GSW SSH Server will be fully functional for a Trial Period of 30 days without requiring registering when installed for the first time on a system. Click OK

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already own a GSW Telnet Server and you want to run a 30-day trial of the GSW SSH Server then you will need to request a 30-day trial serial number from Georgia SoftWorks. Please save a copy of the current SERIAL NUMBER for your telnet server prior to installing a 30-day trial GSW SSH Server. In the event that you do not purchase the GSW SSH Server prior to the expiration of the trial, you will need to apply your original serial number to reactivate the original GSW Telnet Server.

Next, the registration screen is displayed. The Registration program automatically fills in the Product Information fields as shown in the figure below. Complete the Customer Information fields as shown in the figure below.

Note: The Product Information Name and Version must contain valid data or it will not generate a correct Product ID.

Note that the Customer Information and Serial Number in the Registration Information may be already filled. This will be the case if the GSW UTS has previously been registered and operating as the GSW Telnet Server.

The registration information must be provided to Georgia SoftWorks to obtain the Serial Number. Several methods are available for your convenience.

  1. Please complete the Customer Information, including the Purchased From and the Application software fields in the Registration Screen.

    The registration information must be provided to Georgia SoftWorks to obtain the Serial Number. Several methods are available for your convenience.

  2. Go to the Georgia SoftWorks Support page to submit a ticket for Registration. Complete necessary fields and attach the file you saved in the previous step. – Fastest response and preferred method.

    OR email the file to

    Once Georgia SoftWorks receives the information, we can generate a Serial Number on demand and will send it to you. You may close the registration program at this time.

  3. When the Serial Number is provided run the Registration Program again and enter the Serial Number. The easiest method to get the serial number is to highlight the returned Serial Number and copy (ctrl-c). Then position the mouse in the Serial Number field in the Registration Information box and paste (ctrlv).

    Click Register.

  4. Click OK.

    Now the software is registered.

    You will notice that in this case the Parameter field in the registration form is set to 3000, SSH Shield. This indicates that the SSH Server is installed and registered and is enabled for 3000 sessions.

Watch How to Registration SSH Server for Windows

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The new value will take effect when the GSW SSHD service is restarted

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