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Enable SSH SCP Copy on SSH Server for Windows

SSH SCP can be used to copy files across the secure channel. The use of the “scp channel” is defined in the SSH Connection Protocol.

Example using PuTTy client secure copy is:

In different environments the administrator may need to allow or not allow use of SCP.

How to Allow/Disallow the use of the SCP Channel to transer files using the Secure Copy protocol when using the GSW SSH Server for Windows.

The SCP Allow/Disallow is configured by modifying the following registry key: bAllowServiceSCP

Do not allow Secure Copy protocol 0x00 Default
Allow Secure Copy protocol 0x01

The default value is 0x0 (Do not allow Secure Copy protocol). The value 0x1 allows the use of the Secure Copy Protocol.

Note: szSFTPRoot must be set for SCP to work.

The following is the procedure to change the registry key for allowing the use of the “scp channel.”
1. Click the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen
2. Click RUN
4. Click OK
5. Select Registry Key:

6. Select the menu item Edit and then click on Modify
7. Enter the new value for the bAllowServiceSCP and click OK

Watch How to Enable SSH SCP Copy on SSH Server for Windows

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The new value will take effect when the GSW SSHD service is restarted

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