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Breakthrough Feature - Team Services All Initiated from the Device, No System Administrator Intervention required!

GSW SSH Server - RF Mobile Device Team collaboration

GSW - Team Members - Secure Shell Mobile Device session management

GSW - Helping - Secure Shell Mobile Device session management

GSW - Team Members - Secure Shell Mobile Device session management

GSW - Transfer Session - Secure Shell Server RF Mobile Device

GSW - Transfer Session - under 60 seconds

GSW - Transfer Session - Continue where you left off

GSW - Transfer Session - No System Administrator Intervention Required

GSW - Transfer Session - Takes less than 60 seconds

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session - RF Device 1

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session RF Device 2

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session both RF mobile devices

GSW - Swap Devices - and keep your RF Mobile Device Session

GSW - Swap Devices - Keep you Secure Shell session, continue where you left off

GSW - Swap Devices - control from the client, no system administer intervention required

GSW - Swap Devices - Swap in less than 60 seconds

GSW - Share Devices - Two devices share a single SSH session

GSW - Share Devices - Two devices share a single Telnet session

GSW - Share Devices - Two devices share a single secure shell session

GSW - Share Devices - Output from the server is displayed on both devices

GSW - Share Devices - Truck mount and mobile device

GSW - Share Devices - use for quality assurance, shadowing, monitoring,etc.

GSW - Share Devices - Initiate from client device, no system administrator intervention required

GSW - Share Devices - Takes less than 60 seconds

GSW - Recover Dropped Sessions on RF Devices

GSW - Recover dropped sessions on RF Devices - damaged device

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions from a RF Scanner

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions even to another device

GSW - Recover - Session Dead Battery, broken device, network failure etc.

GSW - Recover Use Team Services Recover

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions - No System Administrator intervention required

GSW - Recover Dropped or Suspended Sessions takes less than 60 seconds

Team Services - SSH Server previous
Team Services - SSH Server pause
Team Services - SSH Server resume
Team Services - SSH Server next
SHARE RF SCANNER MOBILE DEVICE SESSIONS SHARE Use Two devices  with an individual session
SWAP RF SCANNER MOBILE DEVICE SESSIONS   SWAP Swap Devices with a team member and keep your original sessions
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GUI Config Tool

GSW Telnet Server GUI Configuration Tool

Windows Explorer style interface allowing provisioning and configuration management. Familiar to use operations such as copy, paste, rename, delete, export, import are applied to configurations on a user or system basis. Create templates and quickly view summary configuration data.

TEAM SERVICES  provides your mobile device users a breakthrough in Telnet/SSH2 technology that shatters all prior usability and efficiency standards by allowing unprecedented user collaboration.  Now mobile device users are empowered to share resources, transfer, swap, share and recover dropped sessions. All from the mobile device, no system administrator necessary. All operations can be performed in under 60 seconds.

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Team Services  the first feature set to offer Video overviews. We are excited to provide additional methods to meet customer expectations. Visit the GSW Video Channel!

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"Georgia SoftWorks Telnet Server fits very well into the solutions we provide as in many cases, we follow the philosophy to keep things simple for the user. In our warehouse management system, we use the GSW Telnet Server especially for the radio frequency communication with mobile terminals via WLAN.Our software is built in a way that we communicate step-by-step with the radio frequency user giving exact commands. For such a simple and clear communication, the GSW Telnet Server is an optimal solution "
- October 2014 - KDL Logistiksysteme GmbH (GSW Reseller since 2009) - Christian Lobsein

"The Georgia SoftWorks UTS (SSH Server for Windows and Telnet Server for Windows) is excellent with either the M7225 or the Triton for barcode data collection within wireless environments. In addition to development and maintenance cost savings for application developers, this added flexibility allows customers to utilize existing hardware in heterogeneous environments. "
- August 2014 - AML (Mobile Device Developer/Distributor) - Newsletter

"GSW provides us a stable telnet server for ruggedized mobile computers to interact with RF Navigator WMS. GSW software has been stable at our installations. GSW support is able to help us when there are any issues that arise."
- June 2014 - Majure Data (GSW Reseller since 2004) - Stephen Critchfield

"I suggest the Georgia SoftWorks UTS at every implementation over other alternatives because I’m confident that it will satisfy every customer’s needs (speed, reliability and security), and that any issues will be dealt with rapidly and professionally"

"We picked GSW to use in our solutions because it is capable of very complex telnet interactions and it is easy to use"
- March 2014 - Hentor Technology, Ltd. China (GSW Reseller) - Eric Zou

"The main reason that we picked GSW to use in our solutions was that GSW was SAP certified. GSW is very fast and stable"
- December 2013 - Teleservizi - Italy (GSW Reseller since 2008) - Alberto Bignante

"The GSW solutions fit great into the solutions we provide. We use it for the RF terminal emulation"
- November 2013 - Royal 4 Systems - California - Kim Gregory Emond

"For us, the Georgia SoftWorks software tested like it was telnet on steroids,... I think the biggest advantage of this software is that it's designed specifically for the needs of mobile RF users..."
Perrine - Datavision-Prologix

"Outstanding level of customer support helped us in being successful with the integration at one of our largest customers."
Hans Albers - LXE International

"We use GSWT since about 10 years without any problem in our seven warehouses."
Christian, Tech Data GmbH  & Co. OHG

"I'm very very thankful for all of the help you folks have given us today. And I'm not alone."
Tom, Fresenius Medical Care

"Thank you again for your excellent service and support. Having been in IT a long time (and purchased a lot of software!) I really appreciate your company’s positive attitude towards customers"
��rarinn (Thorarinn), Marel

First of all I wanted to let you know that I (we) appreciate your "what I consider exceptional" customer support. You are there for us when we need you. You are very knowledgeable, very professional and you always care. Thank you. You are a fine example of customer-centric service.

Also, we have been working with Brian Butler recently and he seems to be a mirror image of you in terms of care, consideration, follow-up and completeness. That bodes well for GSW."
John, Madison Cable

"Your support is awesome. I get license keys on weekends, and great response when I issue requests."
William, Southco, Inc

"for the last eight years The Polk County School Board has ran GSW telnet server to interface mobile devices to our SAP system. The use of these devices is crucial to our organizations business and never since we went live with GSW has the software ever let us down."
Zack, Polk County School System

"..the Georgia SoftWorks Windows NT Telnet Server gets the top performance in the majority of test configurations..."
Independent Testing by the NSTL (National Software Testing Laboratories

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