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Floating License - (Hardware Key)
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Optional Floating License

Georgia SoftWorks offers an optional Floating License for customers that require the flexibility to rapidly move the UTS, RTE etc. from one machine to another.

With the Floating License no registration is required for the GSW products to operate.

Common scenarios where the Floating License is useful include:

  • Laboratory usage in a development or test environment where the UTS is required for short periods of time on any particular machine and then moved to a new machine
  • Backup Servers in a production environment. Typically multiple UTS are purchased for backup systems, however with a Floating License, the hardware key can be quickly moved from the primary machine to the backup without any other registration requirements.
  • Environments where a failed server must be replaced or rebuild and immediately restored to operation with full capability.

The Georgia SoftWorks floating license is a hardware key that connected to a female Parallel port or USB port on the server. The Parallel Port Floating License does not impact functionality of the port for other uses and acts as a pass through allowing normal connections to the other side of the key.

GSW Gloating License Options
Parallel Floating License USB Floating License
Parallel Port Version USB Port Version

The UTS/RTE will recognize the presence of the key and activate the software for the correct number of sessions and the proper date for which free version upgrades can be obtained. It does not matter which parallel port or USB Port on the server the Hardware Key is installed, as all ports will be scanned for the installation of the key.

The Floating License currently is installed using the manufacturer (Aladdin) of the hardware key’s setup program. The name of the hardware key is HASP4 and you will see it displayed in the setup screens.

Be sure to specify either the Parallel or USB Floating License when ordering. When ordered the Floating License is also programmed with Subscription Plan information providing full Subscription Plan support

The price for all Floating Licenses is $199 and must be purchased at the same time as the associated UTS, RTE software. See the Price/Part # chart for Part Numbers.



(Same as on  Downloads pages )
Download HASPHL Version 5.22


UTS Registration - Floating License Installation Manual Section
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