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GSW GSWBrowse  - Industrial Grade Browser
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GUI Config Tool

GSW Telnet Server GUI Configuration Tool

Windows Explorer style interface allowing provisioning and configuration management. Familiar to use operations such as copy, paste, rename, delete, export, import are applied to configurations on a user or system basis. Create templates and quickly view summary configuration data.

TEAM SERVICES  provides your mobile device users a breakthrough in Telnet/SSH2 technology that shatters all prior usability and efficiency standards by allowing unprecedented user collaboration.  Now mobile device users are empowered to share resources, transfer, swap, share and recover dropped sessions. All from the mobile device, no system administrator necessary. All operations can be performed in under 60 seconds.

Video Overviews

Team Services  the first feature set to offer Video overviews. We are excited to provide additional methods to meet customer expectations. Visit the GSW Video Channel!

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Industrial Grade Browser optimized for RF Terminals, Barcode Scanners and other Data Collection Devices

Finally a browser for your devices that satisfies your requirements.

  • Up to 5 Browsers with quick swap tabs for the user
  • Maximize Screen area for the user
  • LOCK-DOWN so the user can focus on their application because they are limited to the application you specified.
  • Enable/Disable distinct UT components to customize the browser for your application, eliminating unnecessary and confusing clutter
  • Distinct Administrator and User Modes - Perform Admin tasks in Admin mode, User activities in User Mode.
  • Programmable objects for the developer. The developer has superior control over application development for the browser based applications.

Straightforward, easy to install, register, configure, lockdown and deploy.

Need GSWBrowse customized? We are willing to work with you! Ask about our GSWBrowse OEM Personalization Package.

See below to download the trial or to visit our Demo site.

Administrators LOCK-DOWN Developers


Programmable Objects

Keep the User In the Correct Application!

Programmatically do what the administrator can, plus more!

Configure the browser such that the user is completely locked out of the operating system and any other user interface.

Configurable restrictions of distinct browser User Interface (UI) components aw well as the number of browsers provide the flexibility just right for your users.

Limiting access to only necessary items makes the job more efficient and less complicated for everyone.



Use programmable objects to access Windows CE functionality and GSWBrowse itself.

GSWBrowse provides straightforward and easy to understand techniques to interface with the device, browser and operating system.

These familiar techniques are available through JavaScript, Meta Tag interfaces as well as "window.external API's.


Easily use 5 printers with GSWBrowse

GSWBrowse allows each browser to have separate printer configuration.

Serial Printers




Network printers assessable to the device

Print labels on Zebra ZEBRA and similar printers




Meta Tags

External API's

Popular Server Side Technologies

Content compatible with Internet Explorer

Useful Visuals/Graphics   CONTROL THE DEVICE
Battery and Charging  
  • Programmatically ensure scanned data goes in the intended field with ease!
  • Obtain data / Status
  • Configure the device
  • Control the function of the device
  • Soft Input Panel Function Keys
  • Scanner
 A few examples of the flexible configuration options. Enable or disable as many UT elements as needed to suit your environment.

Contact Doug or Brian at sales@georgiasoftworks.com or use our easy to use contact form or call us at 706.265.1018


(Same as on  Downloads and Documents Pages )
All setup programs and Browser software    
All raw CAB files when no Windows OS computer is available to run setup. Load CAB files directly to device.
User documentation must be downloaded separate.
GSWBrowse - Samples/Examples - Working examples!    
Users Guide
Brochure - 1 Page Flyer  
Brochure - 2 Page Flyer  
Brochure - Overview
Presentation - PowerPoint Presentation 

(Get Microsoft Free PowerPoint Viewer)

GSWBrowse Quick Installation

GSWBrowse Quick Installation

  • Determine the location and name of the GSWBrowse setup program for your device. Please see the table below for the setup programs available.
  • Copy the appropriate setup executable to the computer which established partnership with your device
  • Note: If you have a computer running an operating system other than Windows then copy the appropriate CAB file (instead of the setup program) to a computer where you can transfer the CAB file to the device. In this case transfer the CAB file to the device and execute the CAB file on the device. This will launch the setup program on your device. Respond to any prompts and press OK on the device to complete the installation.

  • Turn on your device
  • Start the Active Sync on the device and connect.
  • Run the self-extracting executable on the computer selected above
  • Confirm the prompts asking to continue with the installation.
  • You should see the setup program launched on your device.
  • Press the OK button (or equivalent) on the device to complete the installation
Device Manufacturer Architecture Operating System GSW Scanner Extensions CAB File
(See note above)
Setup Program
LXE ARMv4i WIN CE 4.2 YES BrLXE.cab BrLXE.exe
LXE ARMv4i WIN CE 5.0 YES BrLXE.cab BrLXE.exe
Psion-Teklogix ARMv4i WIN CE 4.2 YES BrPT420.cab BrPT420.exe
Psion-Teklogix ARMv4i WIN CE 5.0 YES BrPT500.cab BrPT500.exe
Intermec CK30/31 ARMv4i WIN CE 4.2 YES BrCK30.cab BrCK30.exe
Standard ARMv4i WIN CE 4.2 No BrARMv4i.cab BrARMv4i.exe
Standard ARMv4i WIN CE 5.0 No BrARMv4i.cab BrARMv4i.exe
Standard ARMv4 WIN CE 4.2 No BrARMv4.cab BrARMv4.exe
Standard ARMv4 WIN CE 5.0 No BrARMv4.cab BrARMv4.exe
Intermec CV60 x86 WIN CE 4.2 No BrX86.cab BrX86.exe
Standard X86 WIN CE 4.2 No BrX86.cab BrX86.exe
Standard X86 WIN CE 5.0 No BrX86.cab BrX86.exe
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